Beyond The Slopes: 5 Ways To Keep The Fun Happening For Kids

Taking the family to a ski resort can be the perfect winter escape, but when the kids are all skied and snowboarded out, how can you keep the fun happening?

1. Tubing


Can you imagine whooshing down a giant slippery slide of ice and snow? Snow tubing can be a ton of fun for both kids and adults. Simply grab your inflated tube, hop on and go sliding down the snow slopes! Most family-friendly ski resorts, such as Whistler, will include tubing parks and areas. Booking a time is usually essential during busy seasons.



2. Dog Sledding


Add a furry touch to your ski trip and take your kids on a once-in-a-lifetime dog sled experience! You and your kids will get to learn more about ‘mushing’ and will usually have a chance to pat the dogs themselves. Tours should be booked in advance and if this is your child’s first time (or if they don’t like a lot of ups-and-downs), choose a tour that takes place on flat ground rather than over hills and mountains.



3. Ice Skating


Ice skating can be a great activity for kids who need a break from the mountains, yet still want to do something fun. Just be sure to check opening dates and age requirements before you go. Rinks that offer kid-friendly events can be ideal as well; Tekapo Springs Ice Rink (New Zealand), for instance, holds ice discos and the Ice Village at the Tomamu Ski Resort in Hokkaido (Japan) is an attraction in itself!



4. Snowfort Exploring


Other than the awesome mountain runs and opportunities for night skiing, kids will love Kidtopia – the kid-centric festival at Keystone (near Denver, Colorado) that runs daily from December to April.


The biggest attraction here is the Snowfort, a huge ice and snow castle complete with tunnels, a maze and fun slides. It’s excellent for hours of fun off the mountain, and if you’re there on a Saturday, be sure to stick around for the 7pm fireworks.



5. Gondola Riding


Floating high above the ski slopes in a cosy gondola is a fantastic activity for the whole family. Kids will love the novelty of the ride and parents will be blown away by the bird’s-eye vistas of the surrounding mountains. Some resorts, like Heavenly at Lake Tahoe, also have cafes and shops at the top, making for a unique day off the slopes.



Keeping Your Kids Snow Safe


  • Get the right safety gear. For almost all snow activities, helmets, goggles, gloves and other protective gear is mandatory. If you don’t have your own, book to hire.

  • Book ski travel insurance. Make sure you have the right level of cover for the whole family and for all activities you want to do.

  • Choose a kid-friendly resort, preferably one that has extra activities for kids. If you’ve never been before, check out this ski resort guide for first-timers!

  • Use sunscreen. Your child’s skin is delicate and he or she can easily get burnt in the snow. Make sure you apply 30+SPF regularly.

  • Let them rest. Kids can have lots of energy, but they can also tire out fast. Give them plenty of breaks and rest, and ensure they’re hydrated before and after activities. 

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