Enjoy the Christmas Holiday in New York City

The New Year´s eve is almost here and it is time to plan where we can celebrate Christmas. If you are a person that enjoys Christmas to the max, a good option is to travel to the USA, especially New York City.


Some of the obligatory stops in the Big Apple are: ice-skating, take a picture in the famous Rockefeller Centre tree, visit Dyker Heights area and also the Christmas markets around the city.


If you still have free time, we recommend visiting other American northeast cities like New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut. There are cities very well connected between each other so there is a huge variety of bus and train routes to be able to move around. It is an opportunity to see how each city celebrates Christmas, how the houses, streets and shops are decorated.


And don’t forget to bring thermic clothes, in this time you will find freeze temperatures below zero.



To Do´s in NY


1. Ice skating in the Rockefeller Center

In winter, one the favorite activities of the New Yorkers and tourists is to enjoy the ice rinks between the skyscrapers. Maybe, the most famous is the Rockefeller Center. Lots of people go there to enjoy time skating around and taking pictures. Probably one of the most picturable places.


2. The Rockefeller Center Tree

This magic moment indicates the beginning of Christmas. There isn´t another Christmas tree that is as famous. With 20m height and 7.5m wide, it will be decorated with 8 km of lights. The turning on will be November 30th. Concerts and performances will wait for you from 19:00 to 21:00 in the Rockefeller Plaza. The tree will be at the plaza until the 7th of January.


3. Rockettes

From the beginning of the last century it has become one of the biggest performances in Broadway during the Christmas in New York. This is the main show in Radio City Music Hall during these days. They have 5 different performances per day, 7 days a week. There are more than 140 dancers who are able to transmit the most pure Christmas spirit with Santa Claus and The Rocketts elfs.



4. Christmas at Macy’s

Macy´s is one of the most attractive activities these days because of the Christmas decoration in their shop windows. Also, you can sit down in Santa Claus’ knees and feel like being in a film such as Miracle on 34th Street.


5. The Shop Window and decoration

Walking through Manhattan makes you feel the Christmas spirit. All the shops wear party colors. You can prepare a route totally free around the shop windows of Macy´s, Tiffany &Co, Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Ave., Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys.


6. New Year Eve at Times Square

On the 31th of December, the streets are blocked and the people wait lots of hours to get a good place to watch the ball fall down and the fireworks. That means that the New Year has begun. That day, the area is full of concerts and shows.



7. Lights of Midtown and the Fifth avenue

Taking a walk around Midtown is compulsory if you want to enjoy the lights and the window shops at Christmas in NYC. If you like the atmosphere you breathe these days, every shop, every corner and every street will surprise you.


8. Christmas Markets

From November till the end of December, New York becomes a paradise for the shop addicts. The Christmas Markets take place in Bryant Park, Union Square, Brooklyn Flea Market, and Grand Central, Columbus Circle


9. Christmas Lights in Brooklyn

To whom would like to visit something out of Manhattan and enjoy the Christmas decoration, the area of Dyker Heights in Brooklyn have become in an essential visit to watch the lights and Christmas decoration of the neighbors.



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