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A set of instructions for preparing a particular dish, including a list of the ingredients required, its right measurement and proportion, appropriate utensils to use, optimal cooking temperature, is what we call a recipe. I love to eat. I love to cook. But since this is a travel blog, I won’t write something about food or cooking. I’m just hungry.


Anyway, imagine that you can apply the same principle to, say, plan your next journey. Well, you’ve got Tripcipe. This new website proposes help in planning a trip. It’s a portmanteau of the words “trip” and “recipe.” It’s like a recipe for trips.

Review of the Tripcipe App - The Joy of Cooking |



An element of Tripcipe is what is called a clip. When you are planning your trip and you find a place of interest or something you want to eat, see or do, you can save it as a "clip."

You can create a clip by using a simple Chrome plug-in or by adding it manually on the website. Just enter the name of the sight or activity, choose a category (classified as Eats, Sleep, Activity, Shopping, Other), add location, notes and/or a photograph. Using the browser plug-in is way easier. When you’re on a website, TripAdvisor, a travel blog or any site, you can easily save things to Tripcipe with one click of the plug-in.

Review of the Tripcipe App - The Joy of Cooking |

As you go along, you can create the collection of clips as a trip. Save a clip to one of your named trips.

You can also see or copy clips or trips made by other people. Your own clips can help other travelers, and it can also serve as an online scrapbook for your trips. There’s also that ubiquitous share button.


A cool thing about Tripcipe is the map overview. You might find this useful during the trip itself. You can access your trips and clips from their mobile app on the way. This is a good feature in a sense that it is like your personal map, a better substitute than carrying a tourist map and encircling with a pen the places that you want to visit.

Not Sweet


As Tripcipe is a new platform and depends on the users to post clips, the site has limited clips. However, community contribution will likely increase in time. I see as more users use this, it will be of a great help.


Tripcipe app is available on iOS only. Wait for Android support.


I am inclined to check a location’s ratings. Tripcipe does not help much in this area. A note box is included, but it would be nice if Tripcipe can find a way to include ratings in its clips.


Review of the Tripcipe App - The Joy of Cooking |
Review of the Tripcipe App - The Joy of Cooking |

Food for Thought


It’s not an all-in-one app. Say, if you need to note your flight or hotel details or create your travel checklist, that doesn’t apply here. You will need another way to do this (pen and paper perhaps?) By the way, upcoming features include collaborative planning, the ability to organize by day and mobile app with an offline map.


Overall, this is a great idea, planning ahead, looking at what to do. It is a creative application to discover new places and things. As with any recipe, some are up to your taste. Some are not. In travel though, nothing beats random. Nothing makes it as fun as getting lost or having a moment of personal discovery, be it a small foodie find or a pleasant detail on a sidewalk, or creating a memory clip of the people that you meet.  

Tripcipe is in private beta and currently by invite only. First 500 readers can create an account here!


Review of the Tripcipe App - The Joy of Cooking |
Review of the Tripcipe App - The Joy of Cooking | asked me to test their app. All opinions are, as always my own.






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