29. December 2017
Bangkok is without doubt one of the coolest cities in Asia and offers some pretty unique places to stay, from sleeping in shipping containers to sophisticated boutique hotels...
10 Places You Must Visit In Lesvos Island Greece | via @Just1WayTicket
21. December 2017
Lesvos, the third-largest island in Greece is home to Greek artists and writers, famous for Ouzo, and blessed with beautiful beaches, romantic villages, and forested mountains.

18. December 2017
Hua Quan Village in China is a place like no other. Create your own personalized journey of creative exploration in one of the largest art & cultural centers in the world...
02. October 2017
Once a home for Chinese immigrants, Chinatown nowadays is a popular place to visit for tourists, offering delicious food, stunning temples and fantastic shopping opportunities..

28. September 2017
Are you craving for travel? You want to go hiking, beach bumming, snorkeling, surfing or just shopping? Get ready for a trip to the Philippines - you'll find it all there...
23. September 2017
Skip the hotels on your next trip to Boracay and rent an apartment that offers more than your standard hotel, such as kitchenette, a residential neighborhood and a feel of home.

14. July 2017
Welcome to Langkawi, a tropical island paradise in Malaysia. Wake up in romantic beach resorts, explore the jungles by ATV and finish the day with a relaxing spa treatment.
15. June 2017
Visiting rooftop bars is one of the coolest things to do when traveling to big cities. We looked around in Bangkok and found some impressive rooftop bars in Thailand's capital...

Istanbul Travel Guide - Awesome Things to do, Best Restaurants and Cool Places to Stay | via @Just1WayTicket
30. May 2017
Istanbul is a city like no other, located on two continents - sharing East and West, Asia and Europe - nowhere else you will find such an incredible mix of history, art and cuisine.
28. May 2017
I tried Panchakarma for one week, one of the most effective detox experiences - possibly the best thing you can do to heal yourself and reconnect with your body, mind and soul.

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