Hi. I'm Sab. But you can call me Sabrina. I'm a travel blogger. I'm also a photographer, but not a very good one. But I'm a pro in Photoshop which makes my photos look very professional. Look, that's me on the photo below. I fell in a rice field in India and lost my flip flop. A very sad day. Now you know. Thanks for reading.


( 20 min later... )


Is that the worst intro I have ever written about me? I think so.



...getting lost in a rice field in Hampi (Karnataka), India 2012 @Just1WayTicket

This photo here shows me on a happier day. It was taken on a helicopter pad in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They were no more helicopters but instead they had lounge chairs and waiters with greasy hair. The helicopter pad was actually turned into a bar. The cocktails were pricey and on top of that also the waiter kept my change. Just because I'm white, it doesn't mean the rest is tip. Ugh.


So if you ever plan to sip on a Mojito there, make sure to give the exact amount of cash when you pay.



On a helicopter pad in Kuala Lumpur... I love rooftops. Malaysia 2013 @Just1WayTicket

This is one of my favorite images: Me following a turtle. And the turtle swimming for its life and gasping for air. I wonder how I was able to see anything with my hairy curtain in front of my mask. I definitely look better with dry hair...


Where the picture is taken you ask? It's in the beautiful Philippines, my favorite country. 



This is me. And a turtle, gasping for air. Photo taken in Apo Island, Philippines @Just1WayTicket

I'm sorry. What was this about? Oh you actually really wanted to know something about me? Let me think... I love to sleep. My life has a tendency to fall apart when I'm awake.


OK. I have a confession to make: 

I don't feel too comfortable writing about myself.

To get some inspiration, I checked the About Me pages of other travel bloggers. A lot of them mention that they love traveling. Really? Didn't think so. 


I also like the ones that are written in the third person.

"She/he is an extremely successful ... and one of the world's leading ... people admire her/him because ..."

Very humble. I should totally try that as well. Sounds a way better if someone else says these things about me. 


Alright, I give up for now, will work on a better About Me page next time, promise. And the rest of the story? Well... you figure it out... (Or read the extended version here)


My home is, wherever I am. ( To be continued... )



Oh and this in Shinjuku Tokyo Japan - I almost got hit by a car while taking this shot @Just1WayTicket

PS: I'm sure I made a ton of typos and grammar mistakes. Blogging in English is difficult for me, as a non native English speaker. Extremely difficult! It's a nightmare sometimes, because often I feel I can't express myself the way I want to. Anyway, feel free to correct me. Or just make fun of me.  


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