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And who am I? Sorry, almost forgot to introduce myself... I'm Sab, nice to meet you! I'm just another random girl from Berlin, traveling and living abroad since 2008. Here you can read more about me and here are my most popular blog posts.

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Feb 7, 2020

I am so excited to announce that I'll be moving to Bali for at least 6 months! So what's on the agenda? Eat-pray-love? Lol, not exactly, but it's not completely wrong either. I'm planning to do a (few) yoga teacher training(s) in Bali, and I can't wait to eat my way through, as this island is also known as vegan foodie heaven!


I'll be in Ubud and Canggu most of the time, so if you happen to spend the second half of 2019 in Bali, shoot me an email! Woop woop!


January 10, 2019

This is Sri Lanka! The following video was entirely shot on my 2 years old mobile phone. I'm not kidding. Why would I use my phone when I can use professional equipment?


First, I wanted to show that you can do decent footage without expensive camera gear. Or an iPhone.


Second, I don't have expensive camera gear. Or an iPhone.


Third, I need a new phone. I was hoping potential phone companies would see this video and might be willing to offer me a new phone, so I can make more videos like this. No, not an iPhone.


All shot on a Vivo XPlay6 (the phone is 2 years old, I'm not even sure if you can still buy it.) No gimbal or anything. More about Sri Lanka and why you should go there in my latest blog post!


November 01, 2018

TBC Asia invited 60 travel bloggers & vloggers from all around the world for a conference & award gala... And guess what... I received a gold award!! Winner for Best Culture Travel Blog 2018!


April 10, 2018

I'm beyond excited to share a new video with you!! It's been a while since I uploaded video content, so it was really time to get out the drone again and show some new perspectives!


When Andaz Singapore asked me to come over for a weekend and capture Singapore the way I see it, I had to say yes! And I'm glad I did, this was such a fun project!

I hope you love this video, as much as I love Singapore.... ENJOY!


July 01, 2017

I'm super excited to announce that I just became a Brand Ambassador for Cebu Pacific Air! No other airline supported my travels as much as they did, I'm incredibly proud to work with them and I can't wait to explore extensively their flight network... :)


June 09, 2016

WORLD PREMIERE! I couldn't be more excited right now! :) Right on time for my birthday we finished our Philippines video! Finally!! The clip captures our 2 months trip all across this incredible country. Watch it and you will agree that the Philippines has some of the most spectacular seascapes in the world... Thanks to all our amazing friends who joined us on this trip, and became part of this video. It wouldn't be that great without YOU! 


Drone shots taken with the DJI Mavic Pro.


April 29, 2016

My 2 months trip in the Philippines is coming to an end :( I had an incredible time exploring the islands, from Palawan to Cebu, Bohol, Apo Island, Bantayan, Malapascua, Siargao, and many more... The Philippines is a wonderland. Here is one of my favorite shots, taken in Siquijor...
What should I say? Go the extra mile, it's never crowded. Philippines = Paradise!


San Juan Beach Siquijor Island, Philippines. Photo © @Just1WayTicket www.justonewayticket.com

December 22, 2014

With <3 from Hong Kong. I'm gonna spend Christmas and NYE here! Happy New Year to all of you! May 2015 be your best year ever!


with love from Hong Kong! @just1wayticket

October 01, 2014

Kuala Lumpur, you never fail to impress me! I stayed at this amazing place and absolutely loved it! Rooms are only around $55/€40 a night, fantastic value for such a place! Wanna stay there, too? If you book via Airbnb, I have $35 travel credits for you! Get it here! And here is the place with the fabulous infinity pool!


September 11, 2014

I got lost today and suddenly I found myself in this beautiful little alley...  Isn't that amazing? I should get lost more often... Cheers from Chiang Mai, Thailand!