All the things I love and... that made my life so much easier. Sigh.

My laptop and me - The perfect relationship....

Welcome, my friend. Why the heck am I lying here on my bed? Because sex sells. No bullshit. Because that's where I spent approximately the last 100 hours to write this list for you. What list you might ask? You have no idea how many emails I receive every week, asking me about where to find cheap flights, which camera I use, how to make money online or how to become a travel blogger and whatsoever.


So I wrote my list down once and for all, a list of all the things that I love, and find useful and great. Things that I recommend to the people out there, because I'm convinced they make your life better, too.

Have a look, maybe there is something good for you... *




DJI Phantom 3 Professional

The drone was our favorite gadget this year and there is no better way to get extraordinary photos and videos from different perspectives. We traveled two months across the Philippines with the drone, no problems with flying (cabin) at all! The Mavic Pro shoots in 4K, is easy to navigate and offers brilliant video and image quality. Here is one of our videos that we created with the drone and the Osmo (see below).


DJI Osmo

The Osmo is the perfect addition to the Phantom drone, you can combine aerial shots with footage on the ground. The Osmo shoots as well in 4K and 12 Megapixel, plus the camera is fully stabilized. Just attach your phone and you see what you record. You can create the most amazing videos without shaking, even when you move.


GoPro Hero 4 Black

Everyone loves the GoPro, it's the best investment if you're into adventurous activities, over and under the sea. Plus it's so much fun, the GoPro is small, light, waterproof (with the case) and goes everywhere you go. I totally ditched my DSLR! Here is one of our favorite videos we made with the GoPro. Go for it and get one! You won't regret!!


Gimbal Zhiyun Z-1 Evolution

The Gimbal took our videos to the next level. Since the day we started using it, we never left the house without! The Gimbal stabilizes the camera, it's the best gadget you can get for your GoPro! Get the Z1-Evolution Gimbal from Zhiyun-Tech for incredibly smooth recording, no more shaky videos! Check our Bali video, which was done with GoPro and Gimbal and let me know what you think!


Canon EOS Rebel T3 ( EOS 1100D )

The most common question I get is what camera I'm using. It's actually nothing fancy, the Canon EOS Rebel T3 (also called EOS 1100D) is one of the cheapest camera in the EOS series. I highly recommend this camera for beginners or hobby photographers, it takes amazing photos! I use 2 different lenses, a Canon 18-135mm as an all-round lens, and a Sigma 10-20mm for landscapes (wide angle).



How to live a life of travel

This book is a topseller. Derek Earl Baron has been traveling the world for more than 13 years. This book is for everyone who wants to turn traveling into a lifestyle. 


Get paid to travel - Work on a Cruise Ship

Derek Earl Baron wrote a fantastic guide on how to land a well-paid job on a cruise ship. The book lists job descriptions, salaries and tips on how to avoid the scams.


101 Jobs you can do anywhere in the world

Amazing book, full of useful tips in becoming location independent. A great read for that price, the ebook cost only US$ 3,99. Absolutely more worth than that!!

Become a Frequent Flyer Master

I highly recommend this one, especially if you're from the US. Expert Chris Guillebeau knows all the travel hacks and how to get a ton of miles without even flying.



The 4-Hour Workweek

One of the most inspiring and life-changing books ever. Tim Ferriss' book was over 4 years on the The New York Times Best Seller list, and has sold over 1,3 million copies.


The $100 Startup

Reinvent the way you make a living, do what you love, and create a new future. Never stop chasing your dream. Go and live it! LOVE this book! Truly inspiring.


Never Work Again

Retirement is a lifestyle! Outsource your life and never work again. This book will inspire you and teach how to become a successful entrepreneur, escaping the 9-5 life. 


Web Work Travel

FREE EBOOK!! The ultimative guide for online entrepreneurs and freelancers, featuring over 70 budget places around. Take your business to the beach!



What a view from an airplane... © traumlichtfabrik

 Photo Credit © Edgar Moskopp

Skyscanner is an excellent flight search engine. One of their best features is the option to search any destination. For example, if you're not sure where to go, and just looking for the cheapest fares, then Skyscanner is your tool! Just type your chosen departure, i.e. BER (for Berlin) to ANY (means everywhere) and you'll get the best deals from your nearest airport!



I love Lonely Planet Guides! © Sabrina Iovino

The bible for travelers! You can never go wrong with Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide publisher in the world. The books are packed with expert advises, accommodation tips, destination info, basically anything you need to know about the country you travel to. I own a whole bookshelf full of their books. It was a bit of a hassle to carry them always around, so I switched recently to the pdf-versions.


TripAdvisor is the world's largest travel site with millions of users every month. It's a great source to get travel information, reviews, opinions and photos about hotels, restaurants, attractions and things to do, all written by other travelers. 

Before I travel, I always check TripAdvisor for accommodation and sightseeing tips, so I'll get insightful and detailed information about the places I'm going to.



One of the nicest huts I've ever stayed. Malapascua, Philippines © Sabrina Iovino

Agoda, the award winning booking platform is - hands down - the best site to book hotels all around the globe. Their prices are unbeatable. Agoda has often huge discounts compare to other booking sites. Try them, you'll be surprised! You will find any kind of hotels, from super low budget huts to extraordinary deluxe hotels. I use Agoda all the time and highly recommend them!


Forget expensive hotels! Check out Airbnb, a great booking site to find comfortable furnished rooms, cool city flats, romantic country houses, extra-ordinary penthouses - Anything you're dreaming of!! It's often cheaper than hotels and definitely a more unique experience. Feel like a local while traveling! Sign up now and get $30 travel credit!

Trusted HouseSitters is the largest house & pet sitting website in the world. Stay for free in exchange for help! You, as a house sitter offer your help in exchange for a free stay. You can find anything from renovated farmhouses in Tuscany to cozy townhouses in London. Apartments in New York and Sydney to fantastic beach homes in Hawaii. There are thousands of housesitting opportunities worldwide! Check it out! Get 25% off with the code JUSTONEWAYTICKET or just click here.


When I started my trip around the world in 2008, Couchsurfing was a big part of it. It's completely free, you can stay on people's couches and get to learn a lot about local's life. Please don't use Couchsurfing just for the free accommodation, it is a cultural experience and you can learn a lot from it. Also, be open to host people in your home.


Driving a motorbike barefoot in India? Oh dear, you better get a travel insurance! © Sabrina Iovino

Don't be silly and go without a travel insurance! You might never need it, and if you don’t, be thankful. Don't consider it a waste of money. Travel insurance is really important and often cheaper than your regular health care plan.

World Nomads is a reliable travel insurance, recommended by Travelfish and Lonely Planet. And me! So go and get them and you'll be safe even with all your adventure activities like bungee jumping or white-water rafting (or driving barefoot on a motorbike in India...)! A great advantage is, that you can buy even if you’ve already left home. You can claim and extend your insurance online while traveling. There is a 24/7 phone assistance. 


World Nomads Travel Insurance is designed for adventurous and independent travelers, with coverage for overseas medical expenses, cancellation, baggage and other expenses.

Escapade Travel Insurance is dedicated to international travellers willing to see the world. Inexpensive and trustworthy are their medical plans.


With more and more alerts and travel warnings issued by the different Foreign Affairs, they can provided specialized travel insurance for those hazardous zones. Even an improvident traveller can find a travel insurance when they are already at destination. You can subscribe and extend your medical insurance online. The emergency line is available 24/7 even when asking for a physician or a clinic near your location.


Escapade Travel Insurance secures medically anyone travelling outside their country of residence: trip cancellation, hospital emergencies, physician’s fees, prescription drugs, ambulance, medical evacuation and other expenses.


Getting closer to the local culture. Hampi, India © Sabrina Iovino

Withlocals is a successful start-up that is shaking up the tourism industry: through the online platform, travelers connect directly with locals all around the world to get the real beat of a place.


Get in touch with one of their local hosts and define with them the details of your experience. From home dinners to gourmet food tours, from city highlights to hidden gems, a Withlocals experience will always be unique, private but nevertheless affordable. 

G Adventures is the largest small group adventure travel company in the world with the widest selection of affordable small group tours, safaris and polar expeditions. Step off the beaten path, embrace the unexpected and immerse yourself in the extraordinary.


G Adventures offers authentic accommodation and local transportation to bring you face to face with the world’s most fascinating cultures, customs and awe-inspiring wildlife.


You wanna start blogging or build a website? Try Jimdo, they have awesome design templates, no coding skills needed! This website is completely built with Jimdo, can't recommend them enough!


Need inspiration? Check out Purpose Fairy. Viral post: 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy.


Need a laughter? Let's Pretend This Never Happened is the most hilarious book I've ever read.