I always love to hear feedback from my readers, I do read every email and appreciate the time you put into writing me. Please note that I receive hundreds of emails every week, it actually got to the point where it's nearly impossible to get back at everyone. If I don't reply, don't get hurt. It's not you, it's me (unless you're sending me some creepy pictures, then it's you).





You're interested to work with me and possibly want your brand featured on my blog? That's fantastic, I'd love to hear from you. Head directly over to my work with me page and get in touch with me there. 

Please note that I do not offer free advertising. Thank you.





Awesome, I love you! But before you shoot me an email, please check below if your question can be answered. These are some of the most common emails I get...


"I want to become a travel blogger like you. Can you help me?"


Yes I can, but this is not something that I can just do within a few minutes. If you have travel blogging related questions and you want some expert advice, you might consider scheduling a Skype session with me and we can talk a full hour ($99/hour). 


"Can you plan my vacation, create my itinerary and inform me about visas?"


I wrote several extensive travel guides on this blog, and it takes it lot of time to create useful content for my readers. Unfortunately I don't have the time to create individual travel itineraries. For visas, you can check on the requirements for every country in the world, if you need a visa or not. And if you do, they can help you to get one.


"Can you promote my blog / fundraiser / video / info graphic / book for free?" 


I get emails like this all the time. If I would promote every day all the stuff people wants me to promote, my site would turn into a spam hole. So I'm sorry... The answer is likely no.


"Can I send you a guest post with a link back to my website?"


If you want to include a link to a company website, please contact me through my work with me page, and I'll can send you my rates. Wait... you're a travel blogger? At the moment I do not accept more guest posts from fellow bloggers. Feel free to check back later. I will update this part if anything changes.


"Can I interview you /ask you to contribute to a collab / answer a survey?"


I get a way too many interview and collaboration requests from fellow bloggers, so I completely cut back on those. Feel free to still send me a request for collaborations. I'm available mostly for press, news websites, travel magazines and similar publications. Please send an inquiry through my work with me page.


Here is the full list of all my FAQ's.


For any other questions or feedback please send me an email! 




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