Alternative Holiday Inspiration to France

France, the country known for its fine cuisine, wines and luxurious beaches, is a famous travel destination for travelers all over the world. The language, the history and the culture are just some of the reasons why France is frequently visited by tourists. If you fancy coming to France but want to experience something a bit out of the norm and that differs from your cliché trip up the Eiffel Tower, then here are some suggestions to help you along.



Go on a road trip across France

One way to travel round this beautiful country for a relatively cheap cost, is to hire a vehicle and to drive around from one city to another. This way you get to dictate your route, look at the beautiful French countryside as you travel and visit multiple cities and towns. There are hundreds of routes you can take so before you go, grab an atlas or research online where you want to visit and what you to see.



Go camping in France

The number of campsites dotted all over France make it the perfect holiday location for any avid camper. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can find campsites by the beach, by towns, cities, out in the countryside and with varying facilities.


Some campsites you can visit are La Chapelle Campsite in Argelès-Plage, La Baie campsite in Trinite Sur Mer, and Domaine Le Poteau in South West France.



Go city hopping and go canoeing in the south of France

City hopping not only entails seeing historical places but also indulging in the city’s French cuisine. City hopping is a great way to see lots of places in a short space of time.


When holidaying in France, if you fancy doing something active and a little different, why not try canoeing. One of the well-known canoeing places in the south of France is the Gorge du Verdon. The Gorge du Verdon is a spectacular site to see with its blue-green waters and towering cliffs, it is one of the largest canyons in the continent. You can rent a kayak or canoe for more than an hour to explore the canyon.



Stay at a golf resort

If you are interested in playing golf on French greens, then staying at a golf resort is an ideal alternative holiday for you. If you plan on making golf one of your main activities while in the country, getting accommodation at a golf resort will definitely save time and money.


Golf du Médoc Resort in Le Pian Médoc is located near the ocean and an estuary while Omaha Beach Golf Club has 18 holes with an overlooking view of the Port en Bessin fishing village and the sea.



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