Best Travel Jobs – 50 Ways To Make Money While Traveling The World

You want to work and travel? Pack your bags! Today I'll tell you how to make money while traveling! Here is one of the most extensive lists of the best travel jobs in the world!

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I have to make a confession. This blog post has been a draft for over a year now. I wanted to publish this article for so long, but I always thought I can do better. Originally this was meant to be called '20 ways to make money while traveling', however I felt, 20 isn't enough. I wanted to turn this article into a massive, valuable resource for everyone, who is looking for ways to make money while traveling the world.


The reason why I wrote this post is, because I owe it to my readers. People ask me all the time how to make money while traveling? Or can you get paid for traveling? The good news is, YES you can!


My best advice: Find jobs that involve traveling, in fact there are many travel careers out there, with plenty of jobs that pay you to travel. Finding jobs that allow you to travel the world will not only fill your pockets, it will also be beneficial for your personal self development. 


Work and travel will help you to understand different cultures. Being far away from home will give you a new perspective on how things work on the other side of the planet.



The Best Travel Jobs | 50 Ways To Make Money While Traveling The World | You want to work and travel? Here are the best traveling jobs in the world!

But first, let me tell you a bit about me. Back in January 2010 I returned to Germany after a 14 months trip around the world. It took me only a couple days until I knew that there was no way I'd go back to the cubicle and work again from 9-5. If you travel long enough, your priorities will change.


Fast forward, I've been living abroad for more than ten years now. I was able to finance my lifestyle with different travel jobs on the road. While I was traveling, I met so many other people who were doing exactly the same: living an independent lifestyle and pursuing their dream of traveling forever. They had creative ways to make money while traveling. These people became friends, they gave me a ton of inspiration and helped me to write this article for you.



How to make money

while traveling the world?


My dear reader, stranger, friend, I'm thrilled you're reading this right now! This blog post is for you. I want to help you to find jobs that allow you to travel! I want to give you plenty of inspiration and ideas on how to make money traveling.


One piece of advice upfront: Create a list with all your skills, talents, interests, hobbies, every kind of knowledge you have. Then go through this list and check what things you can combine with travel, and how you could possibly turn this into a business. Needless to say, it's easier to make money with something that you truly love to do.


Ready to get inspired? I hope the following 50 travel job ideas will give you some new perspective! I divided all jobs in 2 sections: 

  • Work Abroad (from no. 01 -25)
  • Work Online / Remote (from no. 26 - 50)
    (location independent)

 Let's get started! Here are 50 jobs with lots of travel!

Work Abroad


Not everyone is comfortable to travel and work remotely on an online business. If you still need the safety of having a "real" job, but you're craving for a life in a different country, then working abroad in a full-time employment position might be the best for you. Sometimes these full-time employment jobs include benefits such as visas, paid flights and often accommodation. A few of the jobs below are freelance gigs.

Here are my top tips for careers that involve traveling...



Teach English Abroad | The Best Travel Jobs | 50 Ways To Make Money While Traveling The World | You want to work and travel? Here are the best traveling jobs in the world

01 | Teach English Abroad


If you're not a fluent English speaker, skip to the next one. Teaching English abroad is one of the most common ways to earn money and dig into a completely different culture. There are job opportunities almost everywhere, many companies will pay your flights and apartment. South Korea and Japan are well paid countries for English teachers. 


Websites to find English teacher jobs:



02 | Work in Hostels and Hotels


Many hostels, hotels and resorts are looking for staff, either for short time (during high season) or long-term. Jobs vary from reception staff, house keeping, driver for airport pick-ups, etc. Some of these jobs are paid, others are on a voluntary basis. Work in exchange for a free bed and food is quite common. Not ideal if you want to earn money, but at least a way to save money for travel.


Websites to find hospitality jobs



"Don't pick a job with great vacation time. Pick one that doesn't need escaping from."

03 | Scuba Diving Instructor


If you love diving, you should consider to get a scuba certification! There are incredible places in the world for scuba diving, like Mexico, Maldives, Honduras, Philippines, Hawaii, Egypt and many more where you could apply for scuba diving jobs! Give travelers diving lessons and enjoy a laid-back life by the sea, including free dives. Not too bad, huh?


Websites to find scuba diving jobs



04 | Cruise Ship Jobs


One of the better jobs for people who like to travel: Work on a ship. A cruise ship is like a massive floating hotel in the sea, with all kinds of entertaining facilities. There are plenty of different jobs on a cruise ship: bartender, shop staff, receptionist, chef, casino staff, DJ, hair stylist, massage therapist, nurse and many more. The list of possible cruise line jobs is endless. Salaries vary between $800-$8000 per month. 


Working on a cruise ship is one of the most popular jobs that allow you to travel. Food and lodging is provided, you have no expenses during that time. Plus, you get paid to travel to some of the most beautiful places on earth.


Websites and resources to find cruise ship jobs



05 | Agricultural and Farming Jobs


If you love working outdoors, care for the environment and don't mind getting your hands a little bit dirty, look for agricultural jobs. It's also a great way to escape the big cities and live in rural areas, far off the tourist tracks.


Websites to find agricultural and farming jobs



"When you leave your comfort zones, you begin to realize what is beautiful about life."

06 | Flight Attendant


How to make money traveling? Airline jobs like cabin crew is one of the jobs that involve travel, you literally get paid to travel! Plus it comes with generous perks, like 90% discounted flights, cheaper fares for family members and great hotel discounts. 


You don't need a doctor's degree to get the job, but it helps to speak at least another language. Dress up in business attire when going to a job interview and make sure to know the key facts about the airline you're applying at.


Websites to find flight attendant jobs



 07 | Fruit Picking


Picking vegetables, fruits and flowers is a popular travel job among backpackers. It's mostly a seasonal job and often very well paid. If you can imagine to pick grapes in Italy, mangoes in Australia and kiwis in New Zealand, you should apply for this job before the harvest season begins.


Websites to find fruit picking jobs



08 | Personal Grocery Shopper


Be a hero to busy people or elderly folks who have no time to get their groceries done. Get paid for shopping for others, at your own schedule. You can offer your services locally on Craigslist, alternatively look at local groups on Facebook.


Websites to sign up as a grocery shopper



09 | Au Pair


Au Pair positions are usually offered to women, and it's a great travel job if you love kids! Working as an Au Pair is a way to get a taste of living in a foreign country. What is an Au Pair doing? Mostly helping a family with their housework and taking care of the children. Au pairs usually live with the host family, they receive free accommodation, meals and often a payment on top.


Websites to find Au Pair jobs



"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life."

– Confucius 

10 | Surf Instructor


Similar as a scuba dive instructor, the job of a surf instructor comes with a great location near the sea. It's not very well paid, but definitely one of the more fun travel jobs! If you have a passion for surfing and the skills to teach people how to ride waves, go for it!


Websites to find surf instructor jobs



11 | Bartender or Waiter


Finding a bartending job is actually quite easy, if you stick to touristy areas during high season. Rather than applying online, just show up at bars and cafés and ask if they are hiring. Your chances are even better if there is a new bar opening. Arrive before the peak season starts and you might be able to score a job for the entire season.  


Websites to find bartending jobs



12 | Massage Therapist


Are you a certified massage therapist? If not you can easily obtain a massage certificate while you travel. Fellow blogger friend Kach did a comprehensive training in Rishikesh (India) and paid around US$200 to become an Ayurveda massage therapist. She later on offered massage therapy to clients while traveling in Peru. Alternatively you could reach out to spas and resorts in order to get a job for a season.


Websites and resources to find massage therapist jobs



"Not all those who wander are lost."

– J. R. R. Tolkien 

13 | Yoga Teacher


You have been doing yoga for some time and it became an important part of your life? Why not teach yoga and inspire others to do so? Yoga is more popular than ever and studios are all around the world. You could teach at a yoga retreat (so many of them in Bali!) or just apply for a yoga teacher job at a resort. 


Websites and resources to find yoga teacher jobs



14 | Chef


You love to prepare dishes? How about cooking your way around the world? There is a high demand of season workers in resorts, restaurants, cruise ships and more. You can use the resources below to find chef travel jobs, or you just visit nearby resorts and restaurants while you travel and ask for job openings. 


Websites to find chef jobs



15 | Local / Tour Guide


How to travel and make money? Work as a tour guide! I worked a couple of times as a tour guide and it's one of those fun jobs with lots of travel! This is a great example of a job where you get paid to travel and share your favorite places.


You can apply as a (freelance) guide at travel agencies that sell tours to travelers. Specially during high season there is always a higher demand for travel guides. Sometimes they require a licence, however I was able to get a few travel guide jobs without having a licence. If you show your passion for travel and have a great knowledge about the history of the region, it shouldn't be too hard to find a tour guide job.


Tip: A much better and more effective way is to advertise yourself online as an independent local tour guide. Offer your own tours in a place you love and know very well. This can be your home or a place you have lived for a while. If you're passionate about your city, sign up as a guide, it's one of the easy ways to make money. You don't have to be an expert, just share the passion and show travelers what and why you love the city you're living in. 


Websites where you can register yourself as a tour guide and find travel guide jobs



16 | Street Performer or Musician


Not exactly a real travel job, but if you love getting attention and have the skills to impress people, this can be a fun way to make quick money! No matter if it's singing, playing guitar, juggling, break-dance or funny weird body performances – just try your luck and do whatever you can do best! At the right place, like a busy public square or in front of train stations, you can make good cash by entertaining people who pass by...

On a side note, this isn't legal everywhere, please check the local laws before you start performing!



17 | Crew on a yacht or sailboat


How about a sailing trip through the Caribbean, the Pacific or the Mediterranean sea? If you don't suffer from sea sickness (like me) you should consider working on a yacht or sailboat. There are websites for boat owners who are looking for crew members to sail around the world with them (or wherever the wind takes them...)


Crew assignments are not always paid, but it's one of the jobs where you travel a lot. Working on a sailboat or yacht is definitely a unique experience, you'll get to explore some of the most remote places in the world.


Websites to find jobs as a crew on a boat/yacht



 18 | Hair Stylist


I have actually met many travelers who worked as hair stylists before they hit the road. Once they travel, they carry their basic equipment with them and advertise their services in Facebook groups (search for expat pages in your destination.) You could also hang fliers in busy hostels or advertise your services on Craigslist.



19 | Model


If you look different than the rest of the country's citizens, consider yourself exotic. My ex boyfriend got approached in Tokyo for a model shoot, but also did a shoot in the Philippines (uhm yes, he's quite handsome, haha).


If you're confident and consider yourself good looking, search online for the nearest model agency in your location, go there and introduce yourself!


Helpful tips to want to find model jobs



 20 | DJ


You have an excellent taste in music, and you know how to make the crowd dance? Awesome –  your next DJ gig shouldn't be too far away. Traveling to party destinations will certainly help. Go and check out clubs, that just opened up. They might be looking for new DJs. Network with the club owners, introduce yourself and don't forget to leave your best demo mix.


Websites to find DJ jobs



21 | House Sitter, Pet Sitter and Caretaker


I have done more than 60 house sits in the past, some of them were paid, some of them were in exchange for incredible accommodation. Some of the house sits lasted several weeks or even months, which in the end saved me a ton of money for accommodation. 


What is house sitting actually? Basically you're taking care of someone else pets while they're away. There are literally thousands of house sitting opportunities worldwide! You can find anything from romantic farmhouses in Tuscany to luxury apartments in New York, or fantastic beach villas in the Caribbean. I linked some of my blog posts below where you can find more detailed info about how to become a house sitter.


Websites and resources to find house sitter jobs



22 | Make Jewelry and sell it


This is an option if you're skilled to create unique jewelry such as leather bracelets, beaded necklaces, earrings and other crafts. One of my favorite necklaces is made of sea shells and turquoise stones. I bought it from a guy who was traveling the world for years, and selling his handmade creations in the islands of Thailand.



23 | Traveling Nurse


Working as a travel nurse can be a lucrative travel job. There is a huge demand, especially in Saudi Arabia. You need at least one year working experience in your area of specialty. It's a full-time job, and nurses earn around US$30-60/hour. Visas and housing will be provided. The job assignment usually lasts 13 weeks and can often be extended by mutual agreement.


Websites and resources to find a job as a travel nurse



Travel Photographer | 50 Ways To Make Money While Traveling The World | You want to work and travel? Here are the best traveling jobs in the world

"The goal isn't more money. The goal is living life on your terms."

– Chris Brogan 

24 | (Travel) Photographer


A dream job for many of us: Travel the world and make money taking pictures. While there is a massive competition and many people are willing to work in exchange for free trips, it's hard nowadays to make money as a travel photographer. But... if you're really good, give it a shot! Literally.


Make sure to build a professional portfolio on sites like Instagram or 500px. I have friends who started out on Instagram and are now living their dream, having one of the best traveling jobs in the world. They offer their photography services to companies in the tourism and travel industry. If you have an outstanding portfolio, you might be able to get photo jobs in the travel industry, i.e with tourism boards, resorts, tour companies, etc. Additionally, you could offer workshops and photography tours and teach people your best techniques.


Websites and resources to find a (travel) photographer job



25 | Rent your room - Or help others to make money with their spaces


... and take a commission of course. I have a friend who started renting out her room on AirBnb. She told her friends about it, and everyone was impressed how much extra money she made on the side.

Her friends were busy, they didn't have the time to do it like her. Guess what? My friend is now managing several apartments on AirBnb, including the ones of her friends and taking a commission for every booking. Not a bad deal.


Websites where you can advertise rooms, apartments or houses

  • AirBnb – World's biggest website with private accommodations
  • Homestay – List your rooms and offer travelers a a true home-stay experience



"You can go to work. Or you can be the boss."

Work Online - Location Independent


Welcome to the second part of this article. This is all about how to make money online while traveling. The good news: it's actually not that difficult. I've been a freelancer for more than a decade, long time before I even started my travel blog.


Working as a freelancer has been one of the best decisions in my life. It's risky, yes. No clients, no money. But on the other side, you can start working right now, with zero investment upfront. Pretty awesome, huh? There are tons of ways to make money online. while traveling. 


One of the best sites to find quality remote jobs is FlexJobs! Although the site cost a subscription fee (starting from US$7), the quality of the listings is unmatched. You'll be able to access professional job offers with flexible options to work from anywhere. If you're serious about working remotely, give it a try! Use the promo code NOMAD to get 30% off.

Last, but not least, a lot of the following jobs might require skills, please don't panic! Most of them can be learned easily! That's the beauty about working online, no one cares about degrees. I have taught myself plenty of skills throughout the past years that helped me to make money online while traveling.

One of the greatest resources to learn is Skillshare, a learning platform with unlimited access to more than 20.000 classes! A monthly subscription cost less than $9, but you can try Skillshare for free for 2 months!



26 | Graphic & Web Designer


Before I became a blogger, I used to work as a freelance graphic and screen designer for many years. For me this was one of the best ways to make money online while traveling.


If you're creative, skilled in Photoshop, Illustrator etc. and you have a good eye for design and typography, then you should offer your services online. If you're new, but eager to learn, here is a great Graphic Design Basic Course for beginners.


Whether you're a professional designer or a self-taught illustrator, there are numerous job websites for any skill level. You could design websites, banners, info graphics, logos, business cards or just simple graphics for social media. The image beside is a typical visual for Pinterest. Believe it or not, there is a huge demand for people who can create some pretty visuals for social media. 


Websites to find remote graphic designer jobs

27 | Website Developer / Programmer


You don't need to be a programmer to build a professional looking website. Thanks to platforms like Jimdo, Wix and Wordpress it's nowadays super easy to create a website without having any programming skills. So why would someone hire you then, if it's that simple? Because it takes time – plus many people don't know how easy it is. 


Start with the hotels and hostels you're staying at. If they have a terrible website, offer them to build a new page, either for money or trade for a free stay for the time it takes you to build the site.


Alternatively, if you're a skilled programmer or web developer, look online for freelance jobs. There are plenty. Building websites is one of the best ways to make money online. It's well paid and the demand is enormous. 


Websites for finding website developer and programmer jobs



28 | Translator


If you can write and speak more than one language fluently, you could look for translating jobs. Spanish, Chinese, French and Japanese are very popular right now. Even if you speak another language than the ones I just listed, check out the links below, you might find a translation job for the languages you speak. 


Websites to find translator jobs



29 | Social Media Manager


Social Media is heavily time consuming, and most companies do not have the time to keep up with it. It's pretty much a full-time job! I can second that. Even just as a blogger, I could spend the whole day just managing my Facebook, Instagram, and all the other accounts. 


If you're a social media butterfly, work for companies and help them to run their social media accounts.


Websites and resources to find social media jobs



"One morning I woke up and I realized this wasn't a vacation anymore. This was my life."

30 | Writer & Editor


You're good at expressing yourself in words? You love to tell stories and have a great writing style? There are tons of opportunities to get a paid writing gig. It helps if you already have a blog where you published some of your stories. I got paid writing gigs through my blog, for BBC Travel and other magazines.


Alternatively, you could also work for companies and get paid for writing blog posts, newsletters, brochures, press releases, eBooks, copy writing, or just editing. There are plenty of freelance writing gigs, check out the resources below...


Websites to find writing and editing jobs



31 | SEO Expert


What is an SEO expert? Basically, you help companies and clients to rank better in Google search results. But how do you become an SEO expert? Good question. I provided some excellent resources below that will help you to learn the basic skills. After that, it's learning by doing and trying different techniques until you see results. Once you feel confident with your skills, it's time to hunt for an SEO freelance gig. 


Websites and resources about learning SEO and finding SEO jobs



32 | Virtual Assistant


Nowadays, plenty of busy digital nomads and online entrepreneurs hire VA's (virtual assistants). A virtual assistant is manages daily tasks, such as replying to emails, scheduling appointments, research, etc. If you think you can be the perfect virtual secretary, go for it!


Websites to find VA jobs



The Beautiful Thing About Learning Is Nobody Can Take It Away From You | More inspiration here: The Best Travel Jobs | 50 Ways To Make Money While Traveling The World | Photo © Melanie Mecking | Das Lichtmädchen

Photo © Melanie Mecking | Das Lichtmädchen  |  Quote: B. B. King  |  Typography Design: M/E

33 | Blogger


How to make money blogging? Let's make one thing clear: Making money as a blogger takes time. A lot of time. Blogging is a full-time job, and in my case I didn't earn any money within the first six months.

Nowadays I'm earning enough from this blog, but it was a long way to get there. You need to be dedicated, be different than others, and on top you should write epic, useful and entertaining content.


The quick manual: Set up a blog with Jimdo (like I did – it's super easy because you don't need any knowledge of programming) and start writing about the things you're passionate about. In order to get plenty of traffic, you need to network with the top influential people in your niche and promote your articles on social media. More tips and resources below.


Don't give up, it takes time. Once your blog gains an audience, you can start monetizing your site with advertising, affiliates and brand partnerships.


Websites and resources to make money blogging



34 | Video Editor / Sell your videos


Most people know how to use a camera and how to record some videos. But also most of them aren't able to put the footage into a well curated video later. If you have some decent video editing skills, you can easily find some freelance jobs online. If you already created some awesome travel videos yourself, go ahead and sell your videos.


Websites and resources where you can sell your videos or find editing jobs



35 | Website and App Tester


Make quick money by testing websites, apps, or interactive content. The payment is between $3-15 per test and takes usually from a couple minutes up to a half an hour. The longer the test, the more you get paid. All you need is a software to record your screen, a good microphone and the ability to speak fluent English. 


Websites where you can sign up as a tester



"Adventure might hurt you, but monotony will kill you."

36 | Write an eBook


You have extensive knowledge about something and you can provide useful advice? Or you love writing stories to entertain people? You should consider writing an eBook. Needless to say, the demand for info material is huge, making money by selling a "how-to guide" is probably easier than selling a novel. Books that help people to achieve something are selling the best. 


Making money with an eBook is easy, because it comes with low investment costs. Once written, it can provide a passive income for a period of time. You can literally start writing now, or even outsource the writing and the research. What are you waiting for?


Websites and resources about writing and selling an eBook



37 | Sell your photos


You have tons of pictures from your travels? Why not try to sell them? But forget the major stock image sites, they only pay cents for your photos. The websites below offer a higher payment, on some of them you can even set your own rates.


This is a great read by the way, it's about to selling photos online: How I Made $1,602.50 With 500px In Just A Few Weeks.


Websites where you can sell your photos



38 | Social Media Influencer / Creator


A friend told me some years ago "if you spend all day on Facebook, you should get paid for it..."


Well, he was actually not that wrong. Occasionally, I'm making a couple hundred bucks a month, from promoting campaigns on my social media profiles. 


Making money online through social media is certainly possible. Needless to say, you need a specific niche and thousands of engaged followers.


If this is still new to you, but you would love to be a Social Media Influencer, I recommend this course to get started: Social Media Marketing: Top Tips for Growing Your Followers & Going Viral.


The following websites connects creators with brands, perfect for you, if you're a social butterfly with plenty of followers!


Websites where you can sign up as a creator

39 | Paid Surveys


Can you make money doing surveys? Yes you can, but it's not necessarily a way to get rich, more like a plan to make some extra cash. There are plenty of survey websites, but only a few of them are trustworthy. Use a new email address if you plan on doing surveys, as you might get tons of spam emails afterwards.


Websites where you can make money taking surveys



40 | Create an Online Course 


You have some incredible skills and can teach people something useful? Become an instructor and create a video course, possibly on Udemy or Skillshare


You can create an online course literally everywhere, you just need a laptop, a mic and a camera. Once it's set up, it can be a source of passive income, for a long long time. 


Websites and resources on how to create online courses



41 | Vlogger / Youtuber


You're a confident person, love recording yourself and have something interesting to say? Or you have a cute pet that is so entertaining and you can't stop filming it? Or maybe you have incredible skills and love to create tutorial videos that help people? You should become a Vlogger!! 


YouTube is the biggest platform for Vloggers with over one billion users. Your videos can be about anything, as long as your content is unique and not boring. Make sure to offer something valuable to your followers to keep them coming back. Make them laugh, teach them something or inspire them. 


Once you get popular, you can monetize your videos with ads and earn about $1-10 per 1000 views. 

My dear friend Anja started her YouTube channel in 2015. She's teaching people how to learn German in a hilarious way. Fast forward, Anja has more than 500,000 subscribers and is by now making a living from her videos, through ads from Youtube.


Websites and resources to make money as a Youtuber



42 | Sell your Art


You're an artist or designer? You create beautiful things and want to make a living from it? Ever considered to sell your stuff online? There are hundreds of websites where you can showcase your art and designs to a wider audience and sell it. 


Websites and resources to sell your art online



43 | Sell T-Shirts online


Why only sell art if you can print your artwork on T-Shirts? The cool thing about selling T-Shirts online is that it's a business that anyone can do without upfront investment. A good friend of mine is making over $5000 a month from selling his T-Shirts online. You don't need to be a designer, the best-selling designs are often just simple, funny or inspiring quotes. 


Websites where you can sell your T-Shirt designs



Go See The World! | 50 Ways To Make Money While Traveling The World | You want to work and travel? Here are the best traveling jobs in the world

44 | Voice Overs


You love performing and have an interesting and unique voice? Doing voice overs is a fun job that can be done anywhere. You could do voice overs for audio books, documentaries, online courses or training videos, or even for bigger productions like TV, radio commercials, video games and more.


Websites and resources to find voice over jobs



45 | Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is one of the most difficult ways to make money, but also one of the best. Once set up, it generates passive income over a while. You'll earn money online, while you sleep.


But what exactly is Affiliate Marketing? You promote someone's product and receive a commission, every time someone buys the product through your recommendation. Needless to say, you should only promote products you love. If you don't know the product, how can you convince someone else to buy it?


You don't have to be a blogger to do Affiliate Marketing, though it definitely helps if you have a specific niche and recommend relevant products to your readers. If you don't own a blog, you can share affiliate links on social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube), in email newsletters, etc.


I highly recommend this free Step by Step Guide by Neil Patel to learn about Affiliate Marketing. once you're familiar it's time to join affiliate network and find clients and products that you love and are willing to promote.


Websites where you can sign up as an affiliate partner

  • Affiliate Window – My favorite affiliate network with plenty of great brands to promote
  • Commission Junction – Affiliate network with a great variety of quality advertisers
  • ShareASale – Another big affiliate network with a long list of partners
  • Skimlinks – The largest network of affiliate partners, simple implementation
  • Impact Radius – A newer affiliate network with premium brands on board
  • Amazon Associates – Promote literally all your favorite products on Amazon!
  • Airbnb Associates – Perfect if you're a big Airbnb lover and want to promote the places you stayed



46 | Consulting, Coaching and Tutoring 


Another great example of a travel job that can be done anywhere, and a great way to monetize your expertise. I'm pretty sure you have some awesome skills, that might be useful to someone else. 


Before I started my blog, I taught German on Skype to students from all over the world. How did I find clients? I just set up a free ad on Craigslist and offered my services.


Nowadays, there are plenty of sites where teachers and tutors can sign up and offer consulting and lessons to students. No matter if you teach English, algebra, singing, SEO, etc... Just sign up, set your rate per hour and give lessons via Skype to your students.


Websites where you can find consulting jobs or where you sign up as one:



"Leave home. Distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity.

When we get home, home is still the same.

But something in our mind has changed, and that changes everything.."

– Jonah Lehrer 

47 | Dropshipping


Dropshipping can be a super lucrative way to make money online. Basically you're selling products online as a middle man, without ever getting in contact with the goods. The positive thing is, you're not buying any amount of goods yourself  instead you partner up with a company (often in China) and sell their products on your website.


Whenever someone orders a product from your online shop, you pass the order on to your supplier, who will ship directly to your customer. Your profit is the difference between your product price and the supplier's price. In order to make huge profits from this, you need to study the market extensively, find niche items with high profit margins, and promote these products to the right people. 


Resources about dropshipping



48 | Create and sell an app


Ever thought of creating and selling an app? The timing couldn't be any better, everyone has a smart phone and people are buying apps more than ever! Needless to say, you need some tech skills and a good feel for the market. If you have a brilliant idea, do it!


Resources about creating apps



"If chasing a dream was easy, everyone would do it and the traffic would be miserable.

The roads are empty my friend. DRIVE."

– Jon Acuff 

49 | Finance Professional


You have a background in business management, finance or accounting? Do some freelancing! You could help others with their tax declarations and offer advice for accounting issues. Most people hate dealing with this stuff, give them a helping hand in exchange for money. 


Websites to find accounting jobs



50 | Transcriptionist


The job of a transcriptionist is one of the easier jobs you can do with a laptop and a decent internet connection. Basically, you listen to audio files and simply convert the talk into a written document. This can be recorded interviews, but also recordings in the medical or legal field. If you type fast, you should consider this job!


Websites to find transcription jobs



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I hope you enjoyed this list and got loads of new ideas (and hopefully find jobs with lots of travel!). If you have more great travel jobs in mind, or know of other ways to make money while traveling, please leave them in the comments! I'd love to hear more ideas!


And if you end up living abroad, please send me a postcard! 


Happy travels and say YES to new adventures!



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