For the Wanderlust in You: How to Earn a Living As a Digital Nomad

Dreaming of working location independent? Here are some ways on how to earn money a digital nomad and live a life of travel...

How to Earn a Living as a Digital Nomad
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If you’re like most people, the idea of being able to travel and make money is a dream job. No more having to deal with annoying coworkers, no more “Monday Blues,” and no more working in an office environment. For most people who work in offices, their office consists of a chair, computer, phone, and desk, right? Yes, and as a digital nomad, you can have all of the things you have in an office, without the office environment.


The idea of it all is what initially sparks the interest of many. Instead of a desk chair, you could sit on a beach chair; instead of a desk, your lap could be your desk; and then, of course, you have a laptop and your cell phone… That’s all you need! So many people have adopted the digital nomad lifestyle and have never looked back.



How to Earn a Living As a Digital Nomad

Some people adopted this lifestyle by way of their current job offering remote positions and some adopted the lifestyle by simply hating their jobs and just wanting to fulfill their love of traveling. In fact, Forbes states that working remotely is becoming the new norm for a lot of people.


Physical offices are quickly becoming a thing of the past. So if you currently work for a company that has remote positions, you should check them out and see if any of them spark your interest. If you don’t work for a company with those opportunities, there’s still hope for you yet! As a digital nomad, there are so many work opportunities you can do or at least try. Flexjobs is one of the leading job platforms with thousands of remote jobs. Although it cost a small membership to use the site, it's all worth it! All job offers are handpicked to assure only quality listings. You can get 30% off on your subscription if you use the code NOMAD and start remote finding jobs today!



The most important thing about being a digital nomad is that you absolutely must have access to the internet in order to be successful and earn a living. The great thing about this critical aspect is that internet access is everywhere you look, making it easy for you to travel just about anywhere and still be able to earn a decent living.


So what does that mean? That means you can work from Thailand for a few months if you want and then hop on a plane to Spain and work from there! And depending on your skill set, you have the potential to earn lots of money and potentially more money than you ever made at your office job. If any of this sounds appealing to you at all, it might be worth to look at some jobs that allow you to work solely off of the internet. Take a look at some of these top jobs.



Teach a Language, Abroad or Online

Working Location Independent - How to Earn a Living As a Digital Nomad

Teaching English to students all over the world is a great way to earn money while traveling. Lots of people tend to shy away from it because they think that you have to be certified and licensed as a teacher, and granted, it will definitely open up more teaching opportunities for you but there are programs out there that don’t require that.


The good news is, you can do this job entirely remote by teaching online. If you search for more stability and rather be an expat in a foreign country, then teaching abroad is a better choice for you. Here is what I found:


Find English teaching jobs abroad

Teach languages online from anywhere


Run Your Own E-Commerce Store

Working Location Independent - How to Earn a Living As a Digital Nomad

Running your own e-commerce store is the epitome of being your own boss. When people think of running their own business, they immediately get overwhelmed and feel like they can’t do it because there is too much involved to get it going, and they especially don’t think they can do that and travel the world… that’s where they go wrong. 


Because you’re the boss of your own e-commerce store, you have the power and flexibility to run your business from wherever you want; and that entails everything from finding a custom domain name to choosing your fulfillment method. You don’t have to live at home in order to have a successful business. We live in a digital world now these days anyway so running a successful online business shouldn’t be anything new or as big of a shock to you. People do it all the time and so can you.


The great aspect of running your e-commerce store is that you can have your own business and still do the other digital nomad jobs as well, now that’s multitasking at its finest! Here's a great guide about dropshipping and e-commerce that will explain into details how this actually works.



Rent Out Your Place

Now renting out your home isn’t exactly a digital nomad job per se, but it is a great way for you to have steady income coming in while you’re living the digital nomad lifestyle. You would simply pack your things away in storage and rent out your home while you’re gone. This works perfectly if you own a place. If you rent a place I suggest to discuss this with your landlord first before you sublet your place further. 


Renting it daily or weekly will bring you higher margins. I suggest to hire one person to look after the place and make sure it all goes smooth. Since this is only a part time job, you could offer that person a commission and only pay whenever the room is rented. Try to automate as much as possible, like digital door locks, so no one needs to be present when guests checking in.


Websites where you can advertise your rooms, flats or houses


Live Out Your Dreams, Have Fun, and Be Safe

There are tons of more digital nomad jobs out there, even on Facebook there are fantastic groups for remote jobs, so don't give up, this is a booming market! There are so many opportunities out there for you to earn and travel at the same time, you just have to see what’s out there for you.


I've been living this lifestyle for more than a decade now, and let me tell you, it gets easier over time. There will be months where you earn enough to cover your expenses for an entire year, and there will be times you can hardy pay your rent. Save up whenever you make big bucks and your money will go a long way.


Living the digital nomad lifestyle has been one of the best decisions I ever made, and for sure, I never looked back. Don't postpone your dreams to the future, if you want to make a living online, you can do it! Have fun on your adventures!



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