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8 Tips for Preventing Exercise-Related Injuries
Exercise is not just a great way to get in shape, but also a necessary activity to stay healthy. Regular workouts can improve sleep quality, boost the mood, prevent obesity, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Best Places to Visit for Shopping Addicts
Looking for some awesome shopping deals? Here are some of the world’s best destinations for shopping addicts that you should put on your list as you plan your next vacation.

3 Reasons Why You Should Do A Yoga Teacher Training Program
Yoga is a wonderful practice to gain flexibility, strength, and benefit your wellbeing. Ever thought about sharing your passion and do a yoga teacher training? This article is for you!
Top Yoga Retreats in Phuket, Thailand
The paradise Island Phuket has become very popular in the recent years for yogis and wellness seeking travelers. If you're thinking of doing a yoga retreat, this is for you!

9 Tips on How to Stay in Shape While Traveling
Staying fit while traveling takes determination. These 9 tips will help you to stay focused, maintain your weight, eat healthy and stay in shape while you travel around...
Are you trapped in the US? How about exploring your own country and combine it with a healing meditation and yoga retreat? Here are some fabulous retreats to check out!

Are you thinking about doing a yoga teacher training? Bali is the most popular yoga destination in the world after India right now. It’s relatively cheap and the geography is stunningly beautiful.
Foyer Global Health is an insurance for travelers and expats, offering first-class coverage (including COVID-19) in combination with comprehensive medical assistance services.

With numerous world-class yoga and wellness retreats, Sri Lanka is the perfect place if you're looking to deepen your practice, relax, rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit...
Bali is the perfect destination to deepen your yoga practice, enjoy healthy food, get pampered in traditional spas and relax among spectacular jungle and mountain views.

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