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3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying Abroad in a Foreign Country
Studying abroad in a foreign country is challenging but it can be a life-changing experience for you if you let it. Nowadays, there are plenty of opportunities to study in another country: you can apply to be an exchange student, do an internship abroad, or just study abroad full-time.
Why Every Traveler Needs a VPN
Using a VPN can protect personal information, such as passwords, bank details, photos, etc. Take precautionary measures and make your trip more secure and safe.

Have you ever asked yourself how you would really enjoy spending your life? If your job is not your passion, it's time to redesign your life - and create a future you LOVE.
Tired of your daily routine? You want to break out from 9 to 5? I asked some travel bloggers about their secrets and how they accomplished a life of full time traveling.

Best Travel Jobs – 50 Ways To Make Money While Traveling The World
You want to work and travel? Pack your bags! Today I'll tell you how to make money while traveling! Here is one of the most extensive lists of the best travel jobs in the world!
No more worries about expensive roaming fees! Just bring your RoamingMan - a fast WiFi device that works without SIM cards or cables in more than 130 countries!

Imagine staying rent-free in amazing places in exchange for house sitting... Sounds great, right? Today I tell you everything about how to become a house sitter and travel for free!
A fancy house with a large pool and some cute pets are enough for you to say yes to a house sit? Don't decide too quick, and ask these questions first to avoid a house sitting disaster!

You're off to a house sit? Here is a checklist of 50 essential questions to ask the pet owners, covering everything from the pet(s) routine, the home and the surroundings...