I fly about 40x a year, and while some flights might be sponsored (benefits of being a travel blogger), I still have to play for several flights with my own money. Which is why I’m always on the look out for promotions, seat sales and mores. I make sure that I sign up for airline newsletters and that I constantly check their sites. But sometimes there are no promotions available, or nothing works with my travel dates... What to do then? How do you find cheap flights, even when there’s no seat sale? 


Well, the secret’s out! Traveloka, an online booking platform for flights and hotels, has brilliant features that will help you find the cheapest flights! Let me explain how:



Cheap Price Finder



The Cheap Price Finder makes it super easy to find the lowest air fares available. Once you download the app and register yourself, you can start looking for flight deals!  


Just click on Flights, pick your city of departure, destination, and then tap on departure date. A new screen will pop up, showing you the lowest price estimates for the entire month. How cool is that?  


Now you can see the cheapest fares of the whole month and can just pick the date that works best for you. You can immediately book your flight through the app -- no need to visit other websites. It's that easy with the Traveloka App!

Price Alerts



If you already know where you're going to travel, you should definitely use Price Alerts. This feature allows you to create alerts so you’re informed when your chosen flight lowers its prices or matches your budget.


To do this, simply click on Price Alerts and create a new alert with your city of departure and destination, choose an estimate or exact date, and pick your travel budget.


Traveloka will scan all airfares daily for your desired destination and will send you a notification once they have found flights within your budget.


No need to constantly check if airfares might have changed! Sit back, relax, and Traveloka will do the work for you.


Traveloka partnered with various airlines around the world to bring you to wherever you want to be. Booking a flight is a breeze, Traveloka offers special discounts to members, various payment options and 24/7 local support.


Download the Traveloka App now and save on your next flight or hotel booking. Just click these links to download: Android | Apple


With Traveloka, you’re sure to always have #CrazyEasyTravels. For more information, visit


Bon voyage!

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