FlySMS - Notify Your Loved Ones That You Have Landed Safely, Without WiFi Or Roaming Charges

FlySMS is a new useful app for frequent travelers: Once you have arrived safely at your destination, FlySMS will send automatically a message to your friends and family.

We all know that situation too well: You just landed at some airport and want to inform your family that you have arrived safely, but your phone battery is almost dead, the airport WiFi is terrible or non-existent, and you end up spending too much money on roaming charges - just to let your parents know that you're fine.


Sounds familiar? I know, I've been there, too. But I have good news. Exactly for this scenario an app was developed. Let me introduce you to FlySMS.



What is FlySMS?


FlySMS is a super useful app for travelers! It's the world's first, API enabled aircraft notification service. That means the app is capable of processing data of more than 1000 airlines and covering over 4000 airports worldwide. That's more than 95% of all commercial flights.



How does it work?


FlySMS will notify your friends and family (or anyone who is important to you) that you have arrived safely at your destination. As soon as you land, FlySMS will send an SMS to the people you've selected and inform them about your arrival. And that's all without WiFi or roaming charges. Sounds great? Using the app is easy, just do these 3 steps before getting on your flight.


  1. Open the app, add your flight number and departure date
  2. Choose your flight
  3. Enter the mobile number of the recipients and type your message (or choose a template)



That's it. Just confirm and go. Now you can enjoy your flight and don't need to worry about not being able to connect with your loved ones after landing. As soon as your plane touches the runway, FlySMS will deliver your message within 3 minutes.




How much does it cost?


Before using FlySMS you need a subscription. Currently there are 2 options:

  • 10 flights for 1 month with 2 numbers to notify per flight for €6,49 ($6.89)
  • 100 flights for 1 year with 2 numbers to notify per flight for €44,99 ($47.76)

For people who travel not so frequently, FlySMS is opening soon an option to purchase single notifications as well. But because you are reading this, you can try FlySMS for free now!


Exclusively readers of JustOneWayTicket can test this service at no charge. FlySMS is giving 2 free flight notifications to you, just download the FlySMS app here and use this promo code: ONEWAYTICKET



Why you should use FlySMS?


There are plenty of good reasons to use FlySMS. If you're a frequent traveler, you should download it now! It's a valuable app that you won't miss. Here are the main benefits of FlySMS:

  • You save on international roaming charges.
  • No worries about bad airport WiFi or no WiFi at all.
  • Let your loved ones know that you arrived safely at your destination.
  • Manage all your flights and notifications.


FlySMS was also recently featured on ProductHunt, and got over 500 upvotes. Give it a try and check out the app! FlySMS is available for iOS, Android and Web. A messenger service and slack chat is planned as well. You can download the app for free on Have a safe trip!



FlySMS asked me to test their app. All opinions are my own.

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