How To Book Cheap Flights From South Africa To Your Dream Destination

Who doesn’t like to travel the world on a shoesting budget? I know I do! Unfortunately, booking a flight to a distant destination outside your hometown may be too expensive. Of course, that’s not always the case. In fact, that is part of the reason why I keep on writing these posts: to help you get the most out of your travel plans (aside from the fact that I have come to love traveling myself).


If you’re in South Africa – whether as a local or as a tourist who just came from a wildlife safari – and you’re looking for a way to fly to some of the best global destinations without burning a hole in your pockets, let me share some of my tried-and-tested booking tips to get cheap airfare!



Tips to Grab Airfare On The Cheap!

1. Scout the most cost-friendly tickets online

Thank the universe for online booking websites and apps, because most of them offer flights that are way cheaper than conventional physical booking agents. Popular airlines such as South African Airways are available at the most competitive prices when you book your next SAA flight online.


Life hack! Open a private browser or incognito window when you check out a booking website. This prevents the site from taking a peek at your cookies, which they can otherwise use to increase airfare prices for your favorite destinations.



2. Look for promos and vouchers

This tip may not be available all the time, but it’s worth a shot to try! If your intention to fly from South Africa isn’t urgent, you may want to wait for upcoming discounts and promos so that you can save big on airfare. In addition, other affiliate companies occasionally offer voucher codes to slash the price of your next booking to a significantly low figure.


You just need to have the diligence to find these promotions. It’s like collecting coupons from magazines – it may not be there all the time, but all you need to do is check every now and then!



3. Use your earned miles

There’s a big chance that you’re using a credit card to buy tickets, and in turn you’re probably earning some points or rebates. Check with your credit card company if they allow your points to be converted to flyer miles. Some people I know have already collected more than enough miles on their card to travel world destinations for free!



4. Change your travel schedule

Unless you need to travel on specific dates, consider moving your departure and/or arrival dates a day or two. Some days are more expensive than others, especially when you’re talking about the weekends!


In relation, try to avoid peak seasons of travel. Sure, you may miss out some huge annual events in your destination by traveling on off-peak seasons, but at least you’re going to save a ton on airfare. You can always return in the future – hopefully with more spending power to boot – so that you can enjoy the destination country’s festivities as they happen.



5. Consider landing on nearby airports if they are cheaper

If you’re heading to a top tourist destination, chances are the price for your airfare is at a stratospheric level – especially in peak seasons!


Here’s an alternative: Check for a nearby airport and compare the ticket price. If it’s a lot cheaper, you may decide to land there and then go to your dream destination by land. Aside from saving big, you also get the opportunity to enjoy the scenic views and talk to locals more.



Travelling Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive!

I hope these tips can help you get the best possible deals on your next flight from South Africa to the city of your dreams. If you have some travel tips to save on flight expenses, please share them in the comments!



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