Interesting Places To Visit In Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country that has stunning landscapes, lush mountains and spacious sandy beaches to enjoy. Below we share with you some of the top places for you to visit on your holiday to the area. 





Dalat is a perfect area to visit, no matter what the time of year. Surrounded by beautiful pine forests and valleys that are adorned with pretty flowers, you are sure to have the perfect day. Dalat was used in a former life by the emperors who ruled Vietnam, but today the town is populated with tourists looking for a quiet day out. The town is ideal to explore by foot and won't cost you a penny. 



Ho Chi Minh City


This city is located in Southern Vietnam and was once called Saigon when it was the capital of Southern Vietnam during the time of the civil War. If you enjoy your history and learning about the heritage of where you visit, then Ho Chi Minh City is a great place to visit. Ho Chi Minh s one of the more modern cities in Vietnam. While there, you can enjoy the wealth of restaurants, shopping facilities that are on offer as well as a lively nightlife.





This is the capital city and is widely known for its grand architecture and blend of Chinese, Asian and French cuisines and culture. The Old Quarter is a popular place to visit with its narrow winding streets with the area being home to Đồng Xuân Market that sells locally produced food. Many temples can be visited here, including the iconic, One Pillar Pagoda. 



The War Remnants Museum


This museum opened in 1975 and depicts through images and artefacts the Vietnam War. Visitors can see many war items including an American tank and helicopter. All objects exhibited were used in the war. One of the most harrowing exhibits is the Tiger Cages, which is where the Government of the time imprisoned political defectors. The Museum is open throughout the year and is a good way to find out the history of the War. However, the exhibits and nature of the Museum are probably not best suited for children. 



Chu Chi Tunnels


These tunnels are located just 70km away from Ho Chi Minh City and form part of a museum that depicts what life was like for soldiers living underground during the war. The tunnels which stretch for more than 120km feature many rooms, hospitals, kitchens and command centres. The tunnels are exciting to explore as well as being a great way to examine Vietnam's history and to get a feel for what life was like during the war. 



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