Offbeat U.S. Summer Holiday Destinations

You might be looking to spend your time abroad for your summer holidays - soaking up a little sun, drinking a nice cocktail or two...or perhaps you’re the more adventurous type, who wants to get out and see the great outdoors, or go somewhere you’ve never been before?


Well, if the U.S. had been your destination of choice, then that was a good decision. It’s got every climate from snowy in winter to a tropical paradise throughout the year, so you’re a bit spoilt for choice with where you can go. You’ve heard of the typical places like Orlando, Las Vegas, and New York what if you want to try something a little different? Once you’ve gotten your holiday booked and all your paperwork sorted, here’s a few options.



The Rockies


If you head to Colorado state, you’ll find a hilly, high-altitude place that you may know better for winter sports and activities. In summer you won’t be skiing, but you’ll be able to enjoy the rugged landscape with all of its greenery and rough foliage.


Most people would write off Colorado just for that, but truth be told, it’s some of the most dramatic scenery you’ll find in all of the continental U.S. - whether you can ski is secondary to just taking in the beautiful vistas. The high altitude makes things a little interesting - bags of food you bring with you puff up just like if you’re on a plane. If hiking and the great outdoors are your thing, then this is the place to be on your summer holiday.





You’re probably thinking that Hawaii couldn’t possibly be a bit off-the-beaten track - it’s well known for being a paradise island for people go on holiday. But here’s the thing...get off of the main tourist traps and you’ll find all sorts of interesting things that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. As lovely as all of Hawaii is, there are some parts which can just be a bit too busy. If you find yourself on Maui, head over to the west coast and visit Hana, which has red sand beaches, a state park, and the Kahanu garden.





Not a fan of the hot sun? Alaska’s summer is mild, especially compared with the humidity and heat in places like New York City. Alaska has eight national parks, and the country’s largest and second-largest protected forests. So it’s pretty clear that this is another destination for those that love getting out in nature, seeing wildlife safely, and having a whole new kind of summer holiday. You can pick from the seaside towns and cities such as Anchorage, or you can make a visit to somewhere more inland for more trees and rugged landscape.



Down South


Perhaps you’ve considered Miami or Orlando, but have you considered visiting other locations in the southern states of the U.S? You’ve got lots to choose from - Nashville if you want some rock ‘n’ roll history, Charleston in South Carolina for a touch of history, and maybe you can make a trip to Alabama to try some typical down south barbecues. The heat will be intense in the south though, so make sure to go well-prepared!





Much like Colorado and the Rockies, Vermont is something you’ll associate with a winter wonderland. Vermont is full of brilliant camping spots and fishing creeks and streams, and is just the perfect place for the outdoorsman. It’s also the perfect place for an ice-cream lover too, as you can get a tour of the Ben & Jerry’s factory. Brilliant!





Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin, which you may know better for their dairy heritage. But have you considered spending time on the banks of Lake Michigan? There’s a history of Harley Davidson motorcycles here, along with tons of festivals in summer and a great food scene. Sure, it’s not your typical tourist destination, but isn’t seeing a whole new side of things the point?



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