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I'm not really a person who uses a lot of apps or who has the phone with me all the time. But there is one app I started to use a lot lately. The Hostelworld Travel App. After the latest update, the Hostelworld app finally makes it easier to search for specific locations.


Hostelworld has a lifesaver in it too: if you have not booked anything prior and you just arrived, the "current location" quick search will give you the fastest result with one click.



You can immediately put in the dates of your stay and number of guests to find the most suitable hostels given your needs. You can also change the currency as well as the measure of distance.


Hostelworld Travel App |

Filtering the search results is relatively easy; by rating, budget, type of accommodation preferred among others. You can read the reviews left by guests which is very helpful in determining if the hostel will be to your liking, what to watch out for and very helpful tips like how close it is to landmarks and tourist destinations.


A separate tab also allows you to check information on the hostel, just like the map of the vicinity and its location. Amenities available are detailed, making it easier to know what to expect.


Hostelworld Travel App |

When you get to the booking, the app will show you the lowest prices for the bed or room at the hostel you have chosen. It will allow you to also change the dates in case it needs to be adjusted or an incorrect check in/out date was initially entered. Total rates are shown per bed/room you choose for the duration of your stay. This is definitely aids in helping you keep within your budget.


A 12% deposit is required to book your preferred accommodation but booking is absolutely free of charge. You have the option to use a debit or credit card and also accept Paypal payments which is very convenient. The amounts for the bookings will show in US$ or Euros.


Hostelworld Travel App |

Booking is relatively swift and painless. The information needed is just basic, such name, contact information, date and time of arrival.


My favorite thing about Hostelworld is it allows you to cancel and re-use your deposit for future bookings within a 6-month period for just an extra dollar per guest. This is a wonderful feature that allows the guest to protect their deposit although if you are sure to go on the dates you booked, you can always choose the standard non-flexible option.


To sum it up: Very useful app. No need to worry anymore about finding a place to stay. Must-have app for the savvy traveler! asked me to test their updated travel app. All opinions are, as always my own.





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