Spectacular and Fascinating Must-see Sights On a Vietnam Tour

Vietnam is an astonishing blend of diverse culture and natural tourist attractions, ranging from verdant paddy fields artistically painted in every available shades of green to jagged mountain peaks, seen as you drive around. The nation has a rich history along with ethnic minorities, which the culture-predator will admire. 


The outdoor enthusiast can enjoy hiking, biking, and camping in the numerous national parks spread across the country. The Halong Bay is a spectacular seascape tourist experience on your way to cruise. The big cities flourish with modern life, the rural areas top with fantastic scenery, and offer vast opportunities to enjoy Vietnam’s tasty culinary art.



Halong Bay

This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers spell bounding sea views. You need to book a cruise from Halong Bay to Hanoi in advance from Bookaway website, preferably to start your exploration, once you reach Vietnam and without wasting your valuable time. Many limestone islands dwell in the Gulf of Tonkin, which are eroded into sharp peaks by water and wind activities over the millennia. You can explore many caves including Hang Sung Sot including 3 mammoth caverns and Hang Dao Go holding weird stalactites and stalagmites. Cruising and watching the changing scenery of jagged peaks as you pass is amazing.



Ho Chi Minh

The city of Ho Chi Minh is a crazy commercial hub in Vietnam. Dong Khoi is in the center, where the HCMC Museum holding historical artifacts is located. There is the impressive Notre Dame Cathedral that was constructed at the end of the 19th century. The Reunification Palace, the Emperor Pagoda, and the War Remnants Museum reside in Ho Chi Minh.




Hue is a historic town packed with relics from Nguyen emperors of the 19th century. Hue sits along the banks of Perfume River. The Imperial Enclosure sprawls for 2.5 km within the walls. While walking across the grounds you can see the stunning Ngo Mon Gate. Explore the Thai Hoa Palace exhibiting its lacquered interior detailing, exquisite halls of Mandarins with exquisite ceiling murals.



Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

A UNESCO listed national park is a mountain formation filled with huge caverns or tunnels as well as showing superbly formed stalactite and stalagmite. The great caving destination in the park is called Paradise Cave. It extends for 31 km below the ground. The Tu Lan Cave is popular as a ‘wet cave’, and there are many other interiors in the park that can be accessed by boats.



My Son

It is a ruined temple city from the Cham era dated from the 4th century. There are approximately 20 temple structures built from sandstone blocks or bricks still standing. You can see influences from Asian empires like Malay and Indians in the temple structures.



Hoi An

Hoi a holds well-preserved merchant houses dating back to the 15th century. The town was a key point for merchants from China and Japan to meet for trading the local silk. The Tan Ky House was built in the 17th century and tourists find it fascinating to see the grand architecture along with other decorative elements.




The capital of Vietnam is the heartbeat that has the charm to attract tourists. Hanoi is a

happening place. Art and History fans flock the museums.


There are many other spectacular sights tourists can explore on their Vietnam tour!


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