The Best Alternative Destinations for Adventurous Traveling Couples

For adventurous couples seeking to explore beyond the ordinary, the world is home to captivating destinations offering unique and unforgettable experiences. From the remotest continent to a fascinating archipelago home to incredible wildlife species, these alternative destinations are perfect for thrill-seeking couples longing for one-of-a-kind adventures while celebrating romance and strengthening bonds like no other.


So, check out our list of the best alternative destinations for adventurous travelling couples.



1. Antarctica

Antarctica offers adventurous travelling couples an unparalleled experience amidst pristine landscapes and awe-inspiring wilderness. From thrilling expeditions to encountering unique wildlife and exploring vast icebergs and glaciers, the White Continent offers a unique opportunity for shared adventures in some of the world's most remote and captivating places.


Joining expedition cruises that navigate through the icy waters is the best way couples can explore Antarctica. Your cruising expedition offers opportunities to witness towering glaciers, colossal icebergs, and majestic fjords from the comfort of a ship.


Take Zodiac boat excursions to remote landing sites, where you can step foot on pristine shores and encounter iconic Antarctic wildlife such as penguins, seals, and seabirds in their natural habitats. Engage in thrilling activities like kayaking among ice floes, hiking on glacier-covered islands, and camping under the midnight sun, creating unforgettable memories of shared adventures in the world's last frontier.


Throughout your exploration, bond over awe-inspiring landscapes and moments of wonder as you venture into remote places featuring Antarctica's surreal beauty. Immerse in the region's scientific and historical significance by visiting research stations and historic sites, gaining insights into Antarctica's exploration and conservation efforts.


With its pristine landscapes and boundless opportunities for exploration, Antarctica offers adventurous couples an unforgettable and transformative experience in one of the most extraordinary places on Earth.



2. Rwanda

Rwanda is perfect for couples keen on thrilling wildlife encounters, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant culture. From trekking to see mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park to exploring lush rainforests and serene lakes, the country provides couples with unforgettable experiences amidst its diverse and awe-inspiring natural beauty.


The highlight of Rwanda safari trips is hiking to encounter the endangered mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, where intimate encounters with these majestic creatures offer unforgettable moments of connection and awe. If you want to see chimpanzees, colobus monkeys, and different bird species, explore the lush rainforests of Nyungwe National Park. You can also embark on canopy walks, thrilling hikes, and wildlife encounters amidst the park's pristine wilderness.


The best way to soak up Rwanda's breathtaking landscapes is to go on scenic drives through rolling hills, tea plantations, and picturesque villages. Stop to admire panoramic views and interact with local communities along the way.


Couples who want to immerse themselves in Rwanda's local culture should visit vibrant cities and towns. Here, you can shop at bustling markets, visit historic sites like the Kigali Genocide Memorial, and participate in traditional ceremonies and dance performances.



3. Iceland

A land of dramatic landscapes, rugged coastlines, and geological wonders, Iceland has everything that adventurous couples seek in a travel destination. From thrilling glacier hikes to marvelling at the spectacular Northern Lights and relaxing in geothermal hot springs, Iceland promises unforgettable experiences amidst its raw and unspoiled landscapes.


The best way to explore Iceland's geological wonders is to drive through the iconic Golden Circle, where you can witness the awe-inspiring power of the Gullfoss waterfall, marvel at the erupting geysers of Geysir, and walk between tectonic plates at Thingvellir National Park.


For a truly unforgettable experience, venture into the Icelandic wilderness on a glacier hike, where couples can traverse ancient ice formations, explore ice caves, and witness breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.


Experience the allure of Iceland's night sky by hunting for the mesmerising Northern Lights, a spectacular spectacle illuminating the dark winter skies with dancing green, pink, and purple hues.


Embrace the spirit of adventure by going on a thrilling snowmobile ride across a glacier, kayaking amidst towering icebergs in Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, or riding an Icelandic horse through volcanic landscapes and black sand beaches.


Unwind after a day of adventure by soaking in the soothing thermal waters of the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa surrounded by lava fields and steaming hot springs.



4. Belgium

Adventurous couples looking for cultural exploration, outdoor activities, and thrilling experiences should consider visiting Belgium. Spend your days strolling through the charming streets of Brussels, Bruges, and Ghent, where medieval architecture, cobblestone lanes, and romantic canals create an enchanting backdrop for scenic strolls.


For a dose of adrenaline, attend the Belgian Grand Prix, one of the most prestigious Formula 1 races held at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. Witness the excitement and speed of Formula 1 cars as they navigate the challenging twists and turns of the iconic track, offering a thrilling experience amidst the picturesque Ardennes Forest.


Venture into the Belgian countryside to discover hidden gems like the Ardennes region to indulge in outdoor adventures like hiking, cycling, and kayaking amidst rolling hills and scenic rivers.



5. The Galapagos Islands

Couples who love wildlife should head to the Galapagos Islands for their next travel adventure. Located off the coast of Ecuador, the archipelago provides thrilling encounters with wildlife amidst stunning natural landscapes. Here, you and your partner can forge unforgettable memories through snorkelling with sea lions, hiking volcanic landscapes, and more.


Begin by exploring the island's diverse marine life through snorkelling and diving excursions, where you can swim alongside playful sea lions, graceful sea turtles, and colourful schools of fish in crystal-clear waters. Venture inland for guided hikes through volcanic terrain, and keep an eye out for unique wildlife such as giant tortoises, marine iguanas, and blue-footed boobies in their natural habitats. Traverse rocky shores, lush highlands, and pristine beaches, encountering endemic species found nowhere else on Earth.


Make the most of your Galapagos adventures by taking multi-day island-hopping cruises, taking you to the remote corners of the archipelago and visiting uninhabited islands inaccessible by land. Go kayaking along mangrove-lined shores, paddle boarding in secluded coves, and camping under the stars.



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