5 Ways Switzerland is Perfect for Family Travel

With its cultural richness and stunning landscape sceneries, Switzerland offers a wealth of adventure opportunities for the entire family. A family holiday in Switzerland will leave you with memories to treasure forever. Aside from the numerous things to do, Switzerland will delight you with its incredible accommodation options, efficient transportation system, and modern tourism infrastructures, allowing for a fun, safe, and comfortable bonding with the kids.


Here are five ways Switzerland is perfect for family travel.



1. The Hiking Trails

With its vast wilderness of scenic rolling hills and majestic mountain peaks, Switzerland is a paradise for hikers. Thus, one of the best ways to enjoy a family trip to the country is to go on hikes. The country offers a variety of trails for adults and kids and beginners to experts.


Thanks to the Wanderweg signs marking the 60,000 kilometres of hiking trails in Switzerland, you can easily choose a trail to suit your fitness level. You'll find these yellow signs along the way, so you'll never get lost on your journey. These signs also provide the estimated time each hike will take.


For families with kids, conquer the Wirzweli Witch Trail in Luzern. It's a themed trail that tells the story of the herb witch Lizi through interactive and informative stations that include pine cone toss, flying broom on a zip line, and guessing herbs by smell. Your kids will have a blast searching for artefacts hidden in trees, including bats, owls, brooms, and spiders. This trail is unsuitable for families with little kids on strollers since it's mostly downhill.



2. The Skiing Opportunities

Families on a ski holiday in Switzerland will find numerous choices for a fun-filled skiing adventure. The country has many excellent family skiing accommodations like Sno Holidays, perfect for the entire family. In addition, the picturesque mountain villages in the Swiss Alps are surrounded by stunning scenery, offering a scenic setting for an enjoyable bonding with the family. Adults and kids will find something to enjoy in the Swiss Alps, including schools offering ski lessons to all levels.


Saas-Fee in Valais is one of Switzerland's most famous skiing destinations. It's a relatively safe village offering everything you need for a family ski adventure. Explore the foot of the Allalin glacier, with slopes particularly suitable for beginners. At the tip of the village, you'll find a vast nursery area with gentle reds and blues to take you around Felskinn. Saas-Fee is also home to many ski schools offering lessons for adults and kids.


Nendaz in Valais is another spot to consider for a ski holiday. It offers plenty of self-catering accommodation options and gentle local slopes that you can easily reach on a gondola ride from the village, perfect for families with kids to play on. Further afield, expert skiers can try their hands on Verbier's epic off-pistes or conquer Siviez's challenging red runs.



3. The Museums

Families with curious kids will find plenty of museums in Switzerland that are educational and fun. Suitable for all ages, these are the best places to learn more about the local culture and history. Many are indoors, which are the perfect spots to visit on a rainy day.


The open-air living museum in Ballenberg in the stunning Bernese Alps is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Switzerland with kids. It's an interactive way to experience the traditional Swiss rural life and learn more about the local culture. If you're heading to Interlaken for your family getaway, this museum is worth a stop.


In Zurich, one of the best museums to visit is the Swiss National Museum, also called the Landesmuseum. Showcasing the culture and history of Switzerland from the prehistoric age to modern times, it houses an extensive collection of artefacts, weapons, and different art pieces to help you understand the history of Switzerland.


If your kids are into science and technology, check out the Swiss Science Centre in Zurich. The museum has four floors, with fascinating hands-on exhibits, such as giant marble runs and optical illusions.



4. The Summer Camps

Summer camps are popular in Switzerland, and that's another reason to consider it for your family adventure. There are many excellent summer camps around Switzerland, perfect for those visiting the country with kids.


Whether you want to send your kids to an adventure camp or one that offers language lessons, you will find something suitable for your kids. Kids of different ages can enjoy fun activities at their summer camp, from rock climbing to cycling, hiking, canyoning, and skiing in winter. Aside from having fun, these activities aim to teach your kids some skills they can use later in life.


Given the numerous summer camps in Switzerland, it's worth taking the time to research and choose the best one to meet your child's needs. Find out what activities they provide and what your kids can get from attending the summer camp. More importantly, choose a camp with facilities to ensure the safety and comfort of your kids.



5. Switzerland's Festivals

One of the things to look forward to on your family getaway to Switzerland is witnessing the country's fun festivals. Aside from immersing in the local culture, seeing these festivals is also a chance to indulge in local delicacies, from chocolates to cheeses and local wine.


One of those festivals families should not miss is the International Balloon Festival happening in Château-d'Oex every January of each year. Representatives from different countries would gather to participate in this 9-day festival. Seeing many colourful hot air balloons flying into the sky with the incredible Swiss landscapes on the backdrop is a fascinating experience, best shared with the people you love.


For families with a sweet tooth, the Festichoc is a true bliss. It's a festival of chocolates, giving you the pleasure to sample delectable Swiss chocolates and learn more about the different sweets the country produces. You will also see chocolates made into sculptures and different chocolates, from white to dark and milky varieties.



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