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What is Trusted Housesitters?

Trusted Housesitters connects pet owners with trustworthy pet sitters, allowing the sitter to stay in beautiful homes around the world for free. In exchange for taking care of pets and homes, sitters can enjoy free accommodations. This mutually beneficial arrangement helps pet owners travel with peace of mind, knowing their furry friends are well cared for, while sitters get to experience new places without accommodation costs.


House sitting has surged in popularity over the past decade. Pet owners no longer rely solely on friends or neighbors to care for their pets.
Instead, they can choose from a huge community of international house sitters who combine their love for travel with pet sitting.



I was quickly captivated by the idea of house sitting. Whether you're retired or work online, it's arguably the best way to sustain travel while keeping expenses low. The community of full-time house sitters, who have sold off their belongings to travel indefinitely, has been steadily increasing.


However, even if you have a traditional job and don't work online, house sitting remains an excellent choice. It can save you a substantial amount of money on travel expenses since accommodation is provided free of charge.


Till this day I have completed over 100 pet sits, and there is no end in sight. You don't believe me? Have a look at my pet sitter Instagram @catsitter_travels where I documented many of my pet sitting adventures. Below is a video that sums up some of my best years doing house sitting.



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The Benefits - Why Choose Trusted Housesitters?

Trusted Housesitters offers an incredible way to travel affordably while enjoying the company of pets. With our exclusive Trusted Housesitters discount code you can start your travel and pet sitting adventure today and join a global community of travelers and pet lovers. Here are 4 reasons why you should join!


1. Affordable Travel

Trusted Housesitters allows you to save significantly on travel costs, it presents an affordable way to travel while caring for pets globally. By staying in homes for free, you can allocate your budget to other experiences, such as dining, activities, and sightseeing. There is no limit on how many pet sits you can do per year! I know plenty people who haven't paid rent in ages, doing pet sitting fulltime (uhm... yes I'm one of them).


2. Pet Companionship

For pet lovers, Trusted Housesitters is a dream come true. Never feel lonely again on your travels! You get to enjoy the company of pets while traveling, making your stay in a foreign country way more enjoyable and homely.


3. Global Community

Join a community of like-minded travelers and pet owners from around the world. Share your housesitting experiences, learn from others, and make lasting connections. You'll find plenty communities on Reddit, Facebook (look for groups that have the words "house sit" or "pet sit" in the title), but also Trusted Housesitters has their own forum integrated within their website.
If you ever come to Asia, I run my own Facebook groups for Petsitting in Malaysia, as well as Petsitting in Bali. Feel free to join my groups if you'd like to petsit there.


4. Secure and Trustworthy

Trusted Housesitters offers a secure platform with detailed profiles, reviews, and verifications, providing peace of mind for sitters and pet owners. This helps to ensure a positive and trustworthy experience for both parties involved. Trusted Housesitters values safety and transparency, making it easier for pet owners to find reliable and caring sitters for their beloved pets.



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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Trusted Housesitters

I have written multiple guides on how to become a pet sitter with Trusted Housesitters, as well as detailed checklists for pet sitters and pet owners to elevate the communication process and leave no room for misunderstandings. I will link the articles below.


1. Create a Compelling Profile

A detailed and engaging profile increases your chances of securing a housesit. Highlight your love for animals, relevant experience, and travel interests. If you're completely new to this, I recommend reading my guide which tells you EVERYTHING you need to know to become an amazing pet sitter!
How to Become a House Sitter, Travel the World, and Never Pay for Accommodation


2. Communicate Clearly

Open communication between pet owners and pet sitters is key. Discuss expectations, pet routines, and house rules beforehand to ensure a smooth experience for both sides. I have written 3 articles on this to help you making your next pet sit a positive experience.
For pet sitters: 
How to Avoid House Sitting Nightmares – 10 Questions to Ask Before Confirming a House Sit

House Sitting Checklist for Pet Sitters  – 50 Important Questions to Ask the Pet Owner

For pet owners: 
How to Avoid Bad Pet Sitters – 14 Questions Pet Owners Should Ask Before Confirming a House Sit


3. Plan Ahead

Popular house sits can be booked up quickly. Plan your trips in advance and apply early on to secure your preferred house sits. Popular sits are usually taken within minutes! I recommend to set all your favorite travel destinations on the Trusted Housesitters app and get instant notifications as soon as a new sit pops up!


4. Be Flexible

Flexibility can open up more opportunities. Consider different locations and dates to find more house sits. Sometimes a sit in a more remote area (which is less popular) may lead to the best travel memories...



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Frequently Asked Questions about Trusted Housesitters

You still got questions? Here's some of the most common questions I get asked all the time. If you still have more questions, please leave a comment below.


1. How do I use the Trusted Housesitters coupon code to receive a discount?

It's very simple, actually. You don't need a coupon or discount code for Trusted Housesitters, you simply follow this step to claim your discount on Trusted Housesitters. Just click the link below:
25% off on Trusted Housesitters - the discount code of 25% is automatically applied. That's all!


2. Why choose Trusted Housesitters over other platforms like Facebook groups where I can find house sits for free?

Although every bigger city has its own Facebook group when it comes to pet sitting, keep in mind that these people are not background checked and literally total strangers, which increases potential risks. Trusted Housesitters provides a secure platform featuring detailed profiles, you can read reviews from previous pet sitters and pet owners, offering peace of mind to both sitters and pet owners. With a strong emphasis on safety and transparency, Trusted Housesitters ensures a positive and trustworthy experience for everyone involved.


3. Is Trusted Housesitters legit?

Yes, Trusted Housesitters is a legitimate platform trusted globally. It has earned its reputation over many years as the largest and one of the oldest house sitting platforms worldwide. Numerous positive reviews validate its credibility. Personally I've been a member of Trusted Housesitters since 2014!
At the time of writing this post (2024), there are over over 180k members on Trusted Housesitters, with more than 8700 house sits listed worldwide - currently accepting applications from pet sitters.


4. I'm a pet owner - How can I trust my pet sitter?

You have to vet potential sitters thoroughly. Read all their reviews. If it's possible, meet them in person. If this is not possible arrange a video call and make sure to ask the pet sitter these 14 questions before confirming a house sit. Ultimately, you have to trust your gut. Are they good with communication? Responding to you in a timely manner and are open for a video call? Is the pet sitter happy to share contacts of previous people they have sat for? If all of this is a yes, it's usually a good sign. Pay attention to their communication style. Inconsistency is usually a red flag.


5. I want to be a pet sitter - How do I get pet sits when I have zero reviews yet?

No worries if you don't have reviews yet because you just signed up. Here's how you can start: Begin by pet sitting for friends and ask them to leave a reference for you on TrustedHousesitters. They can do this even if they aren't members of the platform. After accumulating a few positive reviews, it will become easier to find house sits. 


6. Who pays for the flights?

When accepting a pet sitting assignment, pet sitters are responsible for covering their own travel expenses, including flights. The pet sitting arrangement typically provides free accommodation, but the cost of getting to and from the location is the sitter's responsibility. This should be factored into the decision when considering a pet sit.


7. Who pays for the food?

When pet sitting, the pet sitter is usually responsible for their own food expenses. However, many pet owners are quite generous and may fill up the fridge for the sitter. However don't assume. If the pet owner hasn't offered their food, please respect their pantry and do not help yourself to their supplies.


8. Why can I not get paid on Trusted Housesitters for my pet sitting services?

Pet sitters cannot get paid on Trusted Housesitters because it is a global website, and receiving payment would require travelers to obtain working visas for each country they visit. These visas are often difficult - if not even impossible - to obtain, making it impractical for sitters to be paid for their services. The platform operates on a mutual benefit model, where sitters receive free accommodation in exchange for caring for pets.


9. Can you pet sit as a couple or a family?

Absolutely! Many members enjoy house and pet sitting as a couple or family. They share one membership and provide detailed information in their profile to indicate they sit together as a couple or family. With more hands available to care for pets, many pet owners encourage families to apply for their sits. You can even use the search filters to find sits specifically listed as family-friendly.



A glimpse of my pet sitting adventures from my Instagram @catsitter_travels


Trusted Housesitters is so worth it! Can you believe it, I'm already 10 years on the platform? None of my relationships haven't lasted that long, LOL, so that definitely means something. All jokes aside, Trusted Housesitters has entirely changed the way I travel and gave me some of the most unforgettable travel experiences. Also, there is nothing better than falling asleep with a purring cat by your side, and getting all those cuddles... What do you think? Would you like to have such experiences, too?


And by the way, before I end this... I'm so happy you have come to my blog! Whether you have searched for a Trusted Housesitters promo code, or you were just looking for information on how to become a pet sitter, I truly hope you enjoyed this post and it answered some of your questions! But even more, I hope you took advantage of the coupon code for Trusted Housesitters and received a discount on your membership!


I can't wait to hear about your pet sitting adventures! Happy travels!



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