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Best Party Hostels in Bangkok - Where to meet other travelers and make new friends
If you’re wondering how to travel while working and maintain a good balance, here are 5 tips that can help you get started.
Top Yoga Retreats in Phuket, Thailand
The paradise Island Phuket has become very popular in the recent years for yogis and wellness seeking travelers. If you're thinking of doing a yoga retreat, this is for you!

Whether you need a quick weekend getaway or you're looking to spend a month in absolute relaxation bliss, check out these detox centres and yoga retreats across Thailand.
Fabulous Hotels with Panoramic Rooftop Bars in Bangkok
Visiting rooftop bars is one of the coolest things to do when traveling to big cities. We looked around in Bangkok and found some impressive rooftop bars in Thailand's capital...

10 Unusual Things to do in Bangkok – Tips from a Local
There is so much more to see in Bangkok, beyond temples and shopping malls. Get ready to explore Thailand's capital like a local, and visit places that most tourists won't see.
Bangkok is without doubt one of the coolest cities in Asia and offers some pretty unique places to stay, from sleeping in shipping containers to sophisticated boutique hotels...

8 years ago... ... I came to Phuket for the very first time. I met a Canadian girl there, her name was Julia. She fell madly in love with a Thai guy and decided to get married and live in Thailand with him. We became Facebook friends but lost contact with each other over the last years. I almost forgot about her. Until she commented on my Instagram recently, and we started talking again with each other. I was amazed to find out that Julia was already living for 10 years in Phuket, still married...
Exploration of an abandoned skyscraper in Bangkok. View from the 48th floor of the Sathorn Unique Building © Sabrina Iovino |
The Sathorn Unique is a 49-story building, located in downtown Bangkok, built in 1990. At 80% construction, it was abandoned in 1997 and never completed. Locals insist, the skyscraper is haunted and call it the "Ghost Tower". They sternly instructed me to not enter the building. Well, I don't believe in ghosts so guess what I did... But more on that later.