Unique Hotels To Stay At In Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a remarkably vibrant and diverse city. It embraces Japanese culture and tradition while also being one of the most ultramodern metropolises in the world. Tokyo travellers are spoiled, with a huge variety of choices for places to stay. Here are some examples of the unique experiences Tokyo hotels can offer.



01. Train Hostel Hokutosei


Train Hostel Hokutosei recreates the beloved Hokutosei sleeper express train. This was a service that ran from Tokyo to Sapporo for 27 years before being discontinued in 2015. The hostel uses the train’s original furnishings to create unique cabin-style rooms with bunk beds, ladders and fold-out seats. Train Hostel Hokutosei offers male or female-only dormitory rooms, as well as mixed dorms and private deluxe suites. The hostel is fittingly located right next to a train station for easy travel between other popular areas of Tokyo. The average price for two adults starts from around ¥4,000 per night.



02. Henn Na Hotel Ginza


Henn na Hotel may initially appear the same as any other modern hotel in Tokyo, but what sets this one apart is that some of its staff members are robots. Henn na Hotel has multi- lingual receptionist androids and automated trolley porters. The high tech experience doesn’t stop there. Rooms are equipped with cutting edge technology like AI remote control and a wardrobe that steams your clothes. And if you think this is quirky, there’s also a branch in Maihama Tokyo Bay where the robot receptionists look like dinosaurs. Prices for a double room average around ¥20,000 per night.



03. Keio Plaza Tama


Hello Kitty is one of Japan’s most iconic characters. Luxury hotel Keio Plaza has special rooms dedicated to her and other popular Sanrio characters. The rooms are lavishly decorated with these bright and colourful characters. They include themed amenities such as dolls and toothbrushes, which guests may take home. The hotel is located in Tama, which is also home to Sanrio Puroland amusement park, making this the perfect destination for Hello Kitty fans. The Sanrio rooms are around ¥60,500 per night for two people.



5. The Millennials Capsule Hotel


The capsule hotel is one of Japan’s most famous forms of accommodation. They consist of little more than small sleeping pods and are an affordable option for travellers who don’t need to spend much time in their hotel. Regardless, sleeping in a capsule is a unique experience that people visiting Tokyo should try at least once. The Millennials in Shibuya provides comfortable capsule rooms with shared social spaces. They also offer capsules with projector screens and rooms with unique art on the walls. Their single, smart capsule rooms cost an average of ¥12,000 per night.



6. Wise Owl Hostel


The Wise Owl Hostel’s concept is that you should “enjoy Tokyo all night long like an owl.” The hostel offers affordable dormitory and private rooms, but what makes it unique is the entertainment hub on the first floor. In the morning, you can enjoy speciality coffee at the Wise Owl Café. At night you can experience pleasant sound, DJs and art at HOWL Bar, or drink local sake at Fukuro restaurant. The best part of the Wise Owl Hostel? It’s not just a name. Hachi, the general manager, is an actual owl who welcomes guests at the reception. Dorm rooms are an average of ¥4000 a night per person while the private rooms start from ¥10,000 a night.



7. Andon Ryokan


For those looking for a little more culture, staying at a ryokan is essential. Ryokans are traditional inns which feature staples of Japanese culture. These include onsen baths, tatami mats, roll-out futons and tea ceremonies. Andon Ryokan is a unique take on the ryokan. It blends modern architecture with traditional Japanese interior elements. For the full experience, the hotel offers tea ceremonies, matcha meetings and origami lessons. Single rooms start from around ¥7,100 per night.



Tokyo’s accommodation offers something for every kind of traveller. These uniquely Japanese hotels are just as fascinating as any other sightseeing experience. Your hotel doesn’t just have to be a place to sleep; it can be part of the adventure.


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