8 Awesome Tips for a Budget-Friendly Vacation

Planning some upcoming travel and going on a trip does not mean to be a strain on your finances. If you learn a few ways to save money where possible, you can enjoy your vacation even more! Without skimping on your plans, here are some of my favorite ways to cut down on my expenses, but still make my trip as amazing and unforgettable as possible! Let's do this!



1. Research on budget-friendly vacation

These days - if you put the time in - there is lots of information online to help you to pick the right location that will suit your budget. Thanks to YouTube and Pinterest, there are dozens of absolutely fantastic travel influencers, bloggers and vloggers who can show us how to find budget-friendly vacation alternatives. Just use the keywords "budget friendly vacation" on those platforms and get inspired by the content that comes up!



2. Talk to friends and locals

An even better source of research is to get tips from good friends and family who have already visited where you intend to travel. However, if you plan to stay there for a long time, the best thing may be to speak to a local there, to be able to assess the cost of living and perhaps learn about some more budget-friendly vacation alternatives. If you plan well prior to leaving, it can save a lot of time and money in the long run. You can find local and expat groups on Facebook, just type in the city you're going to, and join some of the groups that pop up.



3. Pre-book your flights, accommodation and activities

If you already have an idea what you want to do, where you're going and even have the dates set, I recommend to get it all done and booked! From this point on prices will just go up, especially when it comes to flights. Booking early will definitely pay off and save you some money. Almosafer is an excellent booking website, whether you're looking for flights, hotels, car rental or even sightseeing activities. You can get a good portion of your trip organized through that website.



4. Walk wherever you can whilst away

Google Maps is my best friend and probably the app I use the most when I travel. Not only for directions, but also for restaurant reviews, finding cool instagramable spots, and so much more! Plus so often it is easier to walk rather than waiting for a bus or a taxi to take you just around the corner.


You'll get to see so much more and additionally get some exercise when you start walking. Double win! It should not be difficult to do this and in fact it may be nice to walk off all of the holiday food you have been consuming whilst being able to see some of the sites you may have missed if you were in a vehicle.



5. Use taxi apps

Although I encourage walking above, some distances are clearly too far to walk, and sometimes there isn't any local transport available. If you have to use a taxi, check first if there are taxi apps available in that country, to make your ride as smooth as possible.


I always use taxi apps, such as Uber, Grab, Gojek or whatever is popular in the country I'm traveling to. Using taxi apps is not only cheaper, it's also much safer as every trip is trackable. No worries if you ever left a valuable item in a taxi, thanks to the app you can get in contact again with the driver.



6. Cook for yourself

Eating and drinking out is fun, but it is also one thing that can quickly bump up the cost of your holiday. It is great to try out local cuisine while traveling, but it can often be draining on resources. Therefore, even if it only means cooking for one evening and buying your own wine, it is worth staying in a property that has kitchen facilities so that you can save some of your holiday budget.


Plus I love going to local markets, grabbing some fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables while having a chat with the locals and get a feel of the place. If you use the yummy ingredients available in the local supermarkets, then you are sure to cook up something inspiring and delicious. Enjoy!



7. Avoid the peak season and enjoy lower prices during low season

Pretty much all tourist destinations around the world increase their rates when the weather is at its perfect level. That doesn't necessarily mean the rest of the year it's unenjoyable. If you don't mind the weather, go travel in low season!


After being more than 2 years in Bali I can tell you that prices are triple times higher in peak season.  If you want to save money on travel, either you travel to completely unknown places, or you avoid the peak season! Yes it may rain a bit more, but hey, you can enjoy a place without the crowds, and cheaper prices! If you fear being lonely during peak season, maybe bring your bestie or join some travel groups, so you can make friends in advance.



8. Pack light

Travel with 7KG hand luggage only? No problem for me. I have done multiple month-long trips with the bare minimum. Does that mean I enjoyed my vacation less? No, not at all. Quite the opposite was the case, because it's so relaxing if you can just pack your bag in 5 minutes and change places, plus it's also way lighter on your shoulders when you have to carry less. Almost every place I traveled to had laundry facilities. You don't have to bring 21 undies for a 3 week trip. Just bring your necessities and enjoy a light trip. You won't regret it! Happy Travels!



About the Author:

Jennifer Anders is a freelance writer who has traveled extensively and enjoys exploring off-the-beaten-path locations around the world.

She loves hiking national parks, windsurfing, and photographing wildlife.

Aside from all those crazy activities, you'll also find her eating plenty of local street food. She is absolutely fearless when it comes to trying new things.