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Hotel Review: Centurion Hotel Akasaka in Tokyo, Japan © Sabrina Iovino |

Welcome to Tokyo. If you ever plan to visit this exciting city, let me help you to find the perfect place to stay. Sleek, modern, simple and set in the heart of Tokyo... These are the perfect adjective and phrases to describe my stay at Centurion Hotel Akasaka. Actually, there are two Centurion Hotels in Tokyo, both are within 5 minutes walking from each other, conveniently located Roppongi, downtown Tokyo.


I was fortunate to stay in both hotels during my visit in Japan, first I stayed at the Centurion Hotel Grand Akasaka, afterwards I enjoyed a couple days at the Centurion Hotel Residential Akasaka.



This economically-priced hotel should be your choice if you are not looking to spend an exorbitant amount per night, yet get a great night’s stay with attractive amenities. Speaking of amenities, guests of Centurion Hotel Residential will enjoy the following perks: free Wi-Fi (in room and public area), an on-site restaurant, a coffee shop, bar, place to store your luggage and daily newspapers.

Hotel Review: Centurion Hotel Akasaka in Tokyo, Japan © Sabrina Iovino |

This hotel is very close to a shopping mall, which is always attractive to tourists. If you are looking for other modes of transportation to accommodate seeing more of the city, the metro station is in close proximity as well.

Hotel Review: Centurion Hotel Akasaka in Tokyo, Japan © Sabrina Iovino |


Inside the room, I felt like I was in my own oasis. Guests had access to a kitchenette along with a washing machine which was very convenient and something you do not often find in a hotel room. The kingsize bed was super comfortable and gave me a good rest.


Hotel Review: Centurion Hotel Akasaka in Tokyo, Japan © Sabrina Iovino |

The room was more like a fully equipped apartment and had everything what you would need for a pleasant stay. To make you feel “at home,” and immersed with the culture, the room featured a typical Japanese toilet with a modern shower. The shower was amazing, water was coming from several directions, and there was also a seat in the shower. I just love Japanese bathrooms!

There were other “Japanese touches” within the hotel and room specifically that added a nice, unique touch to my experience and visit. It did not feel like it was part of a chain and just relocated to Tokyo.

Hotel Review: Centurion Hotel Akasaka, Tokyo Japan © Sabrina Iovino |

As you stepped outside to take in some fresh air, you found a big and welcoming terrace. The privacy was appreciated and this was a great place for enjoying tea or just relaxing after a long day of walking around the town.

Hotel Review: Centurion Hotel Akasaka, Tokyo Japan © Sabrina Iovino |


In the mornings, I enjoyed a buffet-style breakfast with eggs, rice, different vegetables and salads, french fries, sausages and bread. Typically Japanese, they also served miso soup for breakfast. 

This hearty meal helped me to start off the day well with an extra surge of energy.

Hotel Review: Centurion Hotel Akasaka, Tokyo Japan © Sabrina Iovino |


I had a fabulous time staying at the Centurion Hotel. Some of the attractions surrounding this hotel included the Midtown Complex and the Roppongi Hills. The latter is an up and coming real estate development that houses various items such as offices, residential apartments, shopping, places to eat and more. I could not help to note this would be a great place for a young person to live, granting them access to the local nightlife.

I would highly encourage you to consider staying at the Centurion Hotel, that allows you to get a taste of the Japanese culture while still enjoying the modern features of a hotel. The staff was warm and welcoming and added an extra layer of hospitality to my stay. I will definitely come back here.

Thank you for reading.


Hotel Review: Centurion Hotel Akasaka in Tokyo, Japan © Sabrina Iovino |

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My stay at Centurion Hotel Grand Akasaka and at the Centurion Hotel Residential Akasaka was complimentary, all opinions are my own.





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