The Most Instagrammable Destinations in Portugal

As one of the world's top tourist destinations, there's no shortage of Instagrammable places in Portugal. Oozing with Instagram potential, the country has become a paradise for photographers and Instagrammers.


From cities brimming with stunning natural landscapes to historic towns with picturesque cobblestone streets and colourful buildings, here are the most Instagrammable destinations in Portugal.



1. Faro

As the capital of the Algarve region, Faro is home to many picturesque spots that will look great on Instagram. Make your Instagram stand out by visiting local hidden gems to capture the city's most authentic places. It's a fantastic way to showcase the real Faro, away from the touristy areas.


One of Faro's most striking outdoor spaces is Jardim Manuel Bívar, an ideal place to relax and take Instagram-worthy snaps. Surrounded by trees, there are plenty of shaded areas to sit as you observe local families relaxing and going about their daily lives.


Rua de Santo António is one of the most picturesque streets in Faro and makes a perfect backdrop for a photo op. The magnificent cobbled street connects the downtown to the city's modern area, lined with beautiful buildings, local restaurants, shops, and cafes.


If you want to take photos of nature and wildlife, visit Zona do Ludo, a natural park home to ducks and flamingos. Soak up the views and the soothing sounds of nature, and be ready to capture the beautiful birds as they come close to you.



2. Porto

As one of Europe's most beautiful cities, Porto has many beautiful spots to grace your Instagram. Nestled along the banks of the Douro River, it has charming cobblestone streets, a picturesque waterfront, colorful buildings, and many other photogenic spots.


Capela das Almas is perhaps the most photographed place in Porto, a favorite spot for Instagrammers and photography enthusiasts. Try to come here early since it's in a busy corner often crowded with tourists.


Your visit to Porto won't be complete without taking a wine tour. It's famous for its port wine, a fortified wine produced in the Douro Valley. The valley is very picturesque and will look great on your Instagram feed.



3. Evora

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Evora is a stunning mediaeval city of Portugal sitting at the heart of the Alentejo region. As you travel through the countryside, you'll pass through olive groves and charming villages with traditional stone houses. With plenty of sights to blow you away, it's one of the country's most Instagrammable spots.


The Roman Temple, also called Diana's Temple, is one of Evora's most photographed attractions, and for good reason. Built during the Roman times, it is one of the city's best-preserved ancient sites, with its 14 columns still intact.


Another ancient site to photograph is the Cathedral of Evora, which you'll find just across from the temple. Looking more like a castle, the Gothic Cathedral has an impressive facade with its towers and turrets. Be sure to get inside to take photos of its beautiful interiors with cloisters and different works of art. To capture the city from above, climb up the cathedral's spiral staircase to the roof terrace. From here, you can take photos of the city's panoramic views!


If you want to feature something unique on your Instagram, visit the Chapel of Bones. Here, you'll find bones of about 5,000 bodies extracted from the various graveyards around the city. It looks creepy, but it sure will catch the attention of your Instagram followers.



4. Lisbon

Lisbon is a beautiful city with gorgeous maze-like streets, ancient castles, and sun-kissed beaches, making it one of Portugal's most picturesque destinations. The dazzling capital has become a favorite among Instagrammers and photography enthusiasts looking to capture a fusion of pastel-colored buildings, golden sunsets, and azure waters.


One of the best things about Lisbon is it has accommodations to cater to different types of travelers. For those looking to splash out on luxury, you can stay in some of the most picturesque villas in Portugal along the Lisbon coast. Aside from the top-notch amenities, these villas have spectacular views to showcase on Instagram.


The Castelo de São Jorge is one of Lisbon's most photographed spots. Nestled in one of the city's seven hills, it offers a glimpse into Portugal's rich history. Stroll around its ancient walls and towers, and you'll travel back to the mediaeval times when it functioned as a royal residence.


In Lisbon's Alfama District, you'll find Miradouro das Portas do Sol, which features a panoramic view that perfectly captures the essence of Lisbon's old-world charm. An Instagram hotspot, it has a terrace overlooking the red-roofed buildings of Alfama with the Tagus River on the backdrop.



5. Lagos

Located in the Algarve Region, Lagos is a small coastal town popular among visitors for its spectacular Atlantic Coast, home to fantastic restaurants and bars and beautiful beaches. Some of its beaches, such as Dona Ana and Camilo, are some of the most photographed beaches in the region.


Praia dos Estudantes is another beach to visit if you're looking for picturesque spots in Lagos. Aside from its beautiful golden sands, it has a cute bridge connecting two cliffs. Many beachgoers would flock here to swim in its clear waters and admire the stunning scenery.


Praia Dona Ana is another beach that's famous for its beautiful views. Since it's a popular spot, the beach can get crowded during peak times. Consider climbing the cliffs to get to the beach. That way, you can capture the beautiful ocean scenery before you get there.


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