The Perfect Ways to Experience Scotland

It can be pretty overwhelming to explore Scotland for the first time. There are just too many islands, cities, valleys, castles, and mountains that are waiting for you to explore. All of them are truly beautiful and are worth a visit. But it’s just not possible to see all of them in one trip. To help you plan your holiday, here are the perfect ways to experience the best of Scotland even for a limited time.



1. Hit the Cities


Scotland is home to some of the most beautiful cities in the UK. Two cities that you should not miss on your visit to Scotland are Edinburgh and Glasgow. Edinburgh is known for its medieval palaces intermingled with modern architecture and Gothic style churches. The city is also home to the best museums and galleries.


Dubbed the European Capital of Culture, Glasgow is another Scottish city that’s well worth a stop. It has world-class restaurants, amazing architectures, and a truly vibrant nightlife. Make sure you visit the Glasgow Cathedral, the oldest building in the city and the oldest cathedral in all of Scotland.



2. Narrow Boating


Exploring Scottish canals is an experience that you will never forget. These canals are perfect for narrowboat cruising. Your cruise will take you to the most stunning places in the country, which is a perfect way to make the most of your Scottish holiday.


On your boating holiday in Scotland, you can relax on the boat as you soak up the beautiful sceneries of the Scottish countryside. You’ll have various options to choose from. You can hire a boat to explore Glasgow or Edinburgh, navigate the aqueducts, or explore the Scottish Lowland’s stunning views.



3. Walk the Highlands


Scotland is a paradise for hikers. Keen hikers will surely have a blast exploring the Scottish Highlands, a picture-perfect paradise. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or a novice, you’ll surely find the Highlands interesting to explore.


There are plenty of trails in the Scottish Highlands that cater to hikers of different levels. Novice trekkers will find the area around Fort William easy to explore. Your trek will take you to some fascinating landmarks, such as the Inverlochy Castle and the Old Fort.



4. Stay in a Castle


Scotland is home to impressive castles, from palatial palaces to isolated fortresses. In recent years, a lot of these castles were converted to hotels. Renting one of them will surely make your luxury Scottish castle vacation perfect.


History lovers will find ancient old castles interesting, such as the Tulloch Castle at the Highlands that date back to the 12th Century. For those who prefer to stay somewhere near the capital, the Dalhousie Castle Hotel is worth checking out. It’s a luxury hotel with world-class amenities located just a few miles away from Edinburgh.



5. Check out the Scotch Whiskey Distilleries


There are hundreds of active distilleries all over Scotland. Visiting some of them is a great way to learn more about Scottish Whiskey. Of course, it’s also a great opportunity to sample the finest whisky in the country.


Some of the whiskey-producing regions in Scotland are the Campbeltown, Islay, Highland, Speyside, and Lowland. The flavor of the Scottish whiskey will vary according to the region from where it was produced. You will learn more about this when you visit one of Scotland’s Whisky Distilleries.



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